Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

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We live in a politically correct world, in which the media has a huge impact upon. However, in recent times, there has been an increase in attention to a certain subject, violent video games. Concerned parents influenced by the media have been trying for years to get all violent video games banned from the United States market. However, many scientists have proven that there is no correlation of violent games to violence, the media exaggerates isolated events and puts the blame for these events on violent games, and violent video games can actually have a positive effect on people of all ages.
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The two boys who performed the massacre had been fond of violent video games, such as Doom. Certain media sources have tried in the past to blamed isolated events such as the Columbine shooting solely on video games. Doctor Mario Vance, a psychological researcher at the Rapture Institute for headline-inspired science, made a statement in reference to the recent Naval Yard Gunman event which was “Because when wondering what could have made a naval reservist, someone trained by the military to engage in actions with the express intention of killing people, turn to violence, the obvious conclusion is 'video games', apparently.” In other words, Vance is commenting on the fact that a man who had been trained to kill other men and who had also suffered from depression and mental illnesses committed an outrageous act of violence, yet the media continued to view this as an act of violence heavily influenced by violent video games. The media in general had focused on the gunman’s interest in the popular first person shooting game Call of Duty, in which a player is subjected into hostile warzone environments where players combat against one another using high tech, military weaponry, similar to the weaponry that the gunman had used.
Although there is a lot of negativity and bad publicity that surrounds violent video games, several studies have shown that violent games can be a very good outlet for anger and frustration. In an article titled “Why We Need Violent Video Games,” Ethan Gilsdorf, a writer for the New York Times, said that “Could it be that violent video games are an important outlet for aggression? That, on the whole, these games and ‘play violence’ let us express anger and aggression in a safe way? Perhaps violent video games aren’t only ‘not so bad,’ but actually help keep the real-world killings where they belong — in our imaginations, as harmless fantasies.” Gilsdorf brings out an interesting point in this article, if people in general play violent video games, they will release all of their anger and frustration into an emulated 3d environment rather than keeping them bottled up inside or releasing them in a violent way in...

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