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Violents Video Games Are Bad For Children Ace Research Papeer

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Creative Thinking
Teacher’s Notes – Lesson 15
Lesson Aims
· For students to learn to use the Green and Blue Thinking Hats.
· For students to use the Thinking Hat process to answer a strategic question.
Lead in: Pairing (15 minutes)
1. Have students look at the description of the pairing activity. Explain to them that sometimes, we group things according to a set of criteria – either a meaning, an origin or whatever sticks in our mind – that makes us think that one word fits with other words.
2. Have students look at the two lists of four words at the top of page 76 of their notes.
3. Tell them to spend a few minutes pairing one word from A with one word from B. Students should write the words that they chose to pair and their basis (reason) for doing so in the space provided.
4. When they have finished, have students share and discuss their answers in pairs.
5. Once students have discussed their reasons, tell them that there are some good reasons for pairing words and some not so good reasons for doing so.
6. Ask them to listen to the reasons that you give them and to take notes in the space provided in their notes.
7. Explain to students the best way to solve pairing puzzles:
· Avoid these obvious reasons:
The number of letters
Starting or ending with a certain letter
Reasons based on the physical nature or the spelling of the word
· Categorise the words and look at meanings, usage and type of word.
8. With their partner, students look at the two word lists again and reconsider which words they paired and why. Have them write their answer and explanation in the space provided in their notes.
· Toast and lollipop: both are edible
· Prophet and pyramid: both occur in ancient cultures
· Tail and runway: both relate to airplanes
· Chip (computer) and formula: both require mathematics
· Toast and pyramid: both can be the same shape
· Chip and lollipop: both are popular with children
· Tail and formula: both can be long
· Prophet and runway: both suggest departure to another place
Activity 1 (5 minutes)
Have students work in pairs to consider two new word lists. Students decide which words to pair and why.
Suggested Answers
Ladder and crown: both elevate you above others
Lighthouse and chapel: both can give you light in darkness or guide you away from trouble
Nursery and chapel: things are developed in both places
Activity 2: The Green Hat (10 minutes)
1. Tell students that you are going to introduce the fifth thinking hat to them – the Green Hat.
2. Ask students to look back at Lesson 5 and review how the Green Hat can help them to focus their thinking. Answer: They will focus only on creativity – possibilities, alternatives, solutions and new ideas.
3. Tell students that when we use this hat, we have to ask three basic questions: How can this be worked out? What else can we try? Is there another solution that I/we haven't considered?
4. Tell students that you are going to walk them through the procedure for using the Green Hat. Give them the...

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