Vionence On Tv And Its Impact On Children. It Was Written By Intermediate Student Of English And May Be Useful For Other Students On This Level.

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VIOLENCE ON TELEVISIONShould parents control what their children watch on TV?The 20th century made television a very popular form of entertainment. A typical person spends about 4 hours daily in a front of TV set. It concerns also children so maybe we should think about what they watch in this 'magic box'.In spite of many important advantages of TV, we should remember about the serious influence that TV can have on young people. And it concerns not only violence on TV!First of all, a lot of children often watch TV because they have nothing better to do. It is not normal that they have no interests or hobbies that they can spend their free time on, isn't it? Do they have no friends who they can play with? Television does not let them learn how to organize their spare-time. They are often bored but instead of going for a walk or meeting friends they choose 'a date with the TV set'.Secondly, TV stops people from talking. Children do not communicate their feelings; they even do not exchange impressions or views. In this way the strong relationships in the family are weakening. Young people do not learn how to talk to other people. Or maybe you think that they can improve their 'emotional intelligence' only by observing actors in movies?But parents should control not only how much time their children spend on watching TV, but also what they watch.TV may have a very negative impact on children who are exposed to silly and often brutal programs and films, which do not teach them anything. Moreover they are easily influenced by trashy commercials and tempted by junk food, sweats or expensive toys.But, in my opinion, the most important problem is violence on TV. I suppose that everyone who watches TV noticed that it is now present in almost every program or film, even cartoons which are meant especially for children. If you have ever watched 'Tom & Jerry' or something like that, you know what I am writing about. It may be even funny but what if a child tries to do the same?Children at the age of 3-10 just start to...

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