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Tierra Fuller
Viral Video Assignment
Viral videos surface the internet every day and it leaves people talking about it for days, weeks and some videos will never be forgotten. The word viral comes from the word “virus” which is a medical term used to describe an infectious agent that can infect all types of organisms (Moreau). I think of the word “viral” as spreading information to others through social connections. On the internet, we call it viral because the content is spread just like a virus and people become “infected” when they see it (Moreau). This information can be entertainment, political or advertisement. A commercial, an ad, picture or video are things that can go viral but technically anything can go viral. In reality, I don’t think people know what actually makes a video “viral.” In the article, What Does It Mean to Go Viral Online, Elise Moreau says many things go viral by accident and very few people have mastered the art of creating viral content on purpose. I think people upload dance videos or create tributes on YouTube for many different reasons, they want to show their talents, bring awareness or just for fun. It’s also a way for people to express themselves. Sometimes people upload videos just to see what type of reaction they can get from the public. For example, a child will misbehave sometimes just because they want to see your response. If they get a negative response then they know that they should not continue with those actions. Just like a video, depending on the response from the viewers, determines whether or not the video will go viral or not. From the class reading, You at Home, Put a Viral Spin on It, it says, “the professional productions inspire others who learn the choreography and share videos of their performances online. Then the tributes lead to tributes” (Bloom).
Creating viral content can be hard but I think all a person needs behind their content is emotion. Emotion is a huge way to catch people’s attention whether it’s good or bad. If you are touching the viewer emotionally, it’s likely that they will remember the content and share it with others. Other factors that causes videos to go viral are surprise, intensity, relevance and style (Archer). I agree with these factors. The element of surprise catches people’s attention. People have so many expectations that when it’s more than they thought or not as much as they thought then you have grabbed their attention. I think intensity of the content has to do with how quickly can you grab the viewers’ attention and can you keep their attention once you’ve got it. You must keep the content relevant. You want to make sure you are reaching your target audience and using terminology that would be familiar to them. I think style is an important factor. When making your videos, you have to be different than what has already been seen. Something about your video has to stand out to the audience and that creates a lead way to it going viral. The more people...

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