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Virgin, An Overview Of The Management And Motivation Styles

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report has been based on VirginThis comes before anything else so that busy people can quickly decide if they need to read the rest. This should be as concise as possible but cover all the main points including the conclusions and any recommendations. In effect, you are giving a preview of what you are about to say without going into details. There is a real art to doing this in just a few words, especially when you have already put so much effort into writing a report which is in itself coherent and free of waffle.IntroductionThis report has been based on Virgin, Virgin was chosen due to there having been a lot of controversy in the media over the owner, Sir Richard Branson and his management style as it isvery autocratic, having an autocratic management style usually means that employees are de motivated yet within Virgin employees are motivated and content. This report looks at what's made Virgins management style so effective and successful not only on the business front but what's made it so effective with employees too.To analyse Virgin and its management and motivating techniques a lot of research has been undertaken, not only using the internet and books but journals too, to give a fair and balanced view.ManagementTo start off, it is necessary to define what management essentially is:"The process of assembling and using sets of resources in a goal-directed manner to accomplish tasks in an organisational setting"Due to management being such a vast topic it is hard to find any single definition to sum up the whole topic. Managers are needed in the day to day running of a business and a lot of responsibilities are placed on their shoulders. Having excellent management within any company is a core fundamental of business; it can either make or break a business. Within Virgin the autocratic management style that Sir Richard Branson has adopted is constantly being criticised by the media. Autocratic management is a rather aggressive and assertive approach to managing. Whatever the manager says, goes and there's usually little or no room for negotiation. When asked about his management style Mr.Branson replied:"Most importantly, management is about exactly what it says: "managing". To manage you have to make decisions about people, events unfolding and you usually have to spend money in order to make more."One of the major disadvantages of this management style is that it can make employees feel unwanted and de motivated,"Analysis of corporate failures indicates that organizational culture can create institutional bullying through autocratic management styles"Although a lot of the research that was undertaken lead to the conclusion that autocratic management leaves employees unhappy and distressed this was not the case within Virgin."I think the key is respect. We...

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