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Virgin Mobile Essay

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Virgin Mobile(Market Research Questionnaire)Which mobile service provider are you currently subscribed to?AirtelVodafoneRelianceIdeaAircelOther (please specify)Are any members in your house or friend circle using any other networks, other than the ones mentioned above?Yes (please specify which one)NoWhat type of connection do you use?Post paidPre-paidAre you currently using data services on your phone?YesNo(If no skip to Question no. 6)Which network are you using for data servicesGPRSEdge3GOn ...view middle of the document...

10Please mention the source from where you herd about virgin mobile?FriendsFamilyTv advertisementsRadioNewspaperInternetDo you think our company relates to the values and beliefs of the youth in India?YesNoWhat is your current monthly expenditure on you mobile services?0-500 rupees500-1000 rupees1000-1500 rupees1500-2000 rupees2000 -2500 rupeesAbove 2500 rupeesDo you think your current mobile service provider is?Relatively low in priceEconomicalExpensiveVery expensiveOther than the basic services of product what other features make it stand out for you?DesignPriceWord of mouth promotion from friendsOther (please specify)Are you aware of the Benefits of Virgin Mobile over other network providers?YesNoIf Yes, Please Skip to Question No.15Would you like to know?YesNoHow many mobile phones do you use?None123MoreWhat' is your gender?MaleFemaleWhat age group do you belong to?14-17 years18-21 years21-25 years25-29 yearsAbove 30

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1250 words - 5 pages competitive landscape. More and more people prefer to use more powerful multipurpose mobile products to contribute their life, such as Ipad, Iphone and wi-fi. Due to the technology changes, Virgin Blue also make innovations to take more advantages within the market competition, such as self-check in system, telephone and on-line booking systems to convenience customers and to gain more customers. External environment: The external environment is

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2071 words - 9 pages Mobile. Virgin Atlantic launched a new Upper Class Suite in 2003. It is the most comfortable seat in the business class and also converts into a flat bed, the first of its kind. March 2006, Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow opened up ("The history of Virgin”). Virgin Atlantic wanted brand new facilities unlike any terminal before with a flagship lounge, cocktail bar, a hair salon, and brasserie, game room and Cowshed spa. In 2007 Virgin improved terminals

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3106 words - 12 pages than 200 companies, Virgin money can use various sales promotional tools to increase their customer base. Virgin money can mainly attract their existing customers of other virgin brands such as virgin airline customers, virgin mobile customers. To attract existing customers of its other brands Virgin money can use value bundled packages, discounts/specials, coupons or rebates as their promotional tools (Lehman & Winer 2005). For example


886 words - 4 pages Essay Sir Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur. He was born July 18th 1950 in Blackheath, London. He is known as the founder of the Virgin brand and to be quite the adventurer. The Virgin brand consists of more than 400 companies and to mention some of those are Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Trains and Virgin Mobile. He as a person has made several attempts to break numerous world records. Although he had to try 2 times, he broke

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1952 words - 8 pages the UK mobile telephone market is rather unique in the international mobile industry due to the fact that there are only six operators (TIW/Dolphin, BTCellnet, One2one, Orange, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone), only five of which offer services for the consumer and only four of which operate their own network (Virgin Mobile runs over the One2one PCN network). This means that they can operate almost as a cartel in that they can remain powers in the

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3417 words - 14 pages needs of the particular local markets within which it will operate. The added issue for Virgin with regards to this problem is that the group is made up of numerous sub-brands. Does Virgin attempt to create a global strategy for the Virgin group as a whole or does it allow each sub-brand, eg, Virgin Blue, Virgin Mobile, to differentiate their own global strategy?The advantage that Virgin perhaps has over other companies looking to go global is that

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4410 words - 18 pages 3rd most recognized brand in the UK. Virgin is involved in planes, trains, finance, soft drinks, music, mobile phones, holidays, cars, wines, publishing, bridal wear and more. Virgin has created over 200 companies world-wide, employing over 25,000 people, with revenues around the world which in 1999 exceeded US$ 5 billion.Virgin believes in making a difference. In Virgin's customer's eyes, Virgin represents a sense of value for money, quality

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2202 words - 9 pages conception – the use of a few essential concepts to design ‘grand strategy’” (Mintzberg, 1990). One of the threats however is that Virgin mobile entered the Indian telephone market by collaborating with Indian phone company Tata Teleservices because there is a massive potential in the Indian phone market, however companies like Vodafone are doing the same thing, offering lower prices. Bargaining power of buyers can cause process to go up and

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2156 words - 9 pages operators who provide UK-wide mobile phone coverage through a network of masts. 'Virtual' network operators who buy airtime and connection from a real mobile network owner and repackage it for specific market segments, for example Virgin Mobile and Value Telecom.Orange plc is one of the big four 'real' mobile network operators in UK. Orange is now owned by France Telecom, they are present in 20 countries worldwide, including 13 countries in

the identification and analysis of information system in the business enterprise at each management level, the suitability of information system for the chosen firm, the security of the information...

3968 words - 16 pages , finance, health and many others. The business enterprise selected by me is Virgin Media. Virgin media is the first company in the UK that offers TV, broadband, phone and Mobile. Virgin media offers TV, broadband, phone and mobile phones services throughout the UK. (www.3) IDENTIFICATION OF BUSINESS PROCESSES: As discussed before, Virgin Media provides services to people like phone, broadband TV and mobile phone. This is the business of

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1505 words - 6 pages 1966 he borrowed just £4 off his encouraging mother to start up what was to be his first business venture ‘student magazine'. In 1992 Richard reluctantly sold the Virgin Music group to Thorn EMI in a record $1 billion dollar deal. This huge cash flow allowed Branson to embark on many new business ventures such as Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Money, Virgin Hotels, and expand old ongoing ventures such as Virgin Atlantic. The Virgin group

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2996 words - 12 pages Virgin Mobile Given VMs target market, VM should structure its pricing model based on option 3. Virgin Mobile should institute the whole new plan model based on the fact that it is a radical departure from the rest of the cell phone industry. Refer to the Virgin brand values to find that one of their core values is to move into areas where customers have traditionally received a poor deal and offer something better, fresher, and more valuable

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3175 words - 13 pages PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 6 A Strategic Analysis of Virgin Mobile South Africa Group: Private (Repeater) Subject: MBL 923 Assignment: Group Assignment 1 M.L. Green 70811830 100% 31. Introduction 32. Company background 43. The business landscape 43.1 Porter's 5 forces 43.1.1 Competition from substitutes 53.1.2 Threat of entry 53.1.3 Industry rivalry 63.1.4 Bargaining power of buyers 73.1.5 Bargaining power of

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5166 words - 21 pages planes, trains, finance, soft drinks, music, mobile phones, holidays, cars, wines, publishing, bridal wear and a lot. What tie all these businesses together are the values of their brand and the attitude of virgin's employees. Virgin created over 200 companies worldwide, employing over 25,000 people. Their total revenues around the world in 1999 exceeded US$5 billion.Virgin's companies are part of a family rather than a hierarchy. They are empowered

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1148 words - 5 pages small mobile device form which they could purchase any Virgin product from a rail or cinema ticket to a CD… and streamline online service with a single Virgin web address:" (Case, p.687).Furthermore, Virgin tries to create differentiation by bundling services together so that consumers derive more value from the bundled service than each service individually. E.g. Virgin retail stores and Virgin Cinemas in the entertainment industry