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Art can be seen in every culture and country around the world in many different forms and styles. The only way to be able to see and experience different types and styles of art is to travel around the world and see it at museums. Unless a local museum features different artwork from around the world; there is a rare chance that a person may be able to appreciate different types of artwork from around the world. However, today’s technology has given more people a chance to appreciate art from around the world through virtual museums online.
Roman open-air museum Hechingen –Stein is a roman villa in Germany with a virtual museum online ( The museum features rooms furnished and decorated as it would have looked like in ancient times. The rooms also display original finds when the villa was discovered. A virtual tour on the website shows an aerial view of the villa, ...view middle of the document...

Cobweb castle features Japanese artwork with a short description about each artwork and date. Cyber shrine displays shrines in Japan. Virtual China features artwork and landmarks from all over China. Virtual Mongol displays the history and culture on Mongolians through photographs. Oriental museum shows artwork different artists from each country. Lastly, QuickTime VR displays photographs of people and landmarks from Japan, China, and France. Overall, this virtual museum is very easy to navigate through with each page kept clean and simple. It is very easy to see the artwork and the descriptions about each artwork are kept short and informative.
The Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan directed towards vehicle enthusiast all around the world features a collection of automobiles ( The purpose of this museum is to share the history of automobile from around the world. This museum has two exhibits: the main building and the annex. The main building shows a wide range collection of vehicles displaying the process of the automotive technology and culture from the birth of the automobile. The Annex displays the history of Japan motorization and culture. Overall, the site is very easy to navigate through with many photos and very informative. There is even a list of vehicles the museum has on display for those looking for a certain type of vehicle.
Virtual museums have closed the gap for people who want the appreciate art from around the world. Now with virtual museums online, guests can enjoy artwork from around the world at the comfort of their home. Hechingen –Stein a roman villa in Germany displays a villa in the ancient times. To make guest feel as if they were there in person guided tours through each room and even a video is shown to educate guests about the villa. Electric Japan is a virtual museum featuring artwork from all over Asia, giving guests a taste of life in Japan, China, Mongol and even France; through paintings and photographs of landmarks. Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan features art on automobile history from all over the world.

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