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AbstractThis Virtual Organization E-Business Paper will focus on Smith Systems Consulting. As Smith Systems expands, it will increasingly conduct e-business on an international basis.As such, this paper will address the following:a. Analyze the legal issues that the company may face when conducting ebusiness and discuss possible solutions; andb. Identify issues that may arise in the company's international business and discuss the conflicts of law that pertain to those issues. What law would apply tothese situations? What court will decide these issues? (Augenstein)Virtual Organization E-Business PaperSmith Systems Consulting describes the web as "the marketplace of the new millennium" (University of Phoenix). The company, founded in 1994, focuses on delivering "high value Web and business application services" in this marketplace. Most of the current customers of Smith Systems are regional companies. However, the company is expanding rapidly. It is likely that as a part of this expansion, the company will take on clients that are located throughout the world. Additionally, many of the company's current clients will increasingly be doing business on a worldwide basis.As Smith Systems Consulting becomes an international company with clients that do business on an international basis, it will have to become familiar with the legalities of international law as they apply to e-business. As such, this paper will examine the legal issues the company might face when conducting e-business on an international basis, offering potential solutions. Additionally, this paper will analyze issues that the company may encounter while conducting international business and the conflicts of law that pertain to these issues. Specifically, it will address the applicable law as well as the court(s) of jurisdiction.Let us first examine the relevant legalities of Smith Systems Consulting's business, with reliance on information provided by its legal counsel, the Houston, Texas law firm of Gauby & Noone, L.L.C. The company currently uses standardized contracts written in plain language. Legal counsel found these contracts to be "reasonable and equitable to both Smith and its customers" (University of Phoenix). The company has little reliance on copyrights or patents, and most of its business is done on a work for hire basis.Based upon the nature of Smith Systems Consulting's business and the information provided by the company's legal counsel, the primary issues that it willencounter with respect to international law will likely deal with contract law, settlement of disputes, and related jurisdictional issues. Additionally, the company will face issues related to the nature of e-business itself. As such, the company will want to familiarize itself with the law as it applies to trademarks and electronic contracts. Finally, Smith Systems Consulting will want to anticipate any issues that might arise from the nexus of international law and e-business; in other words, it...

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