Virtual Organization Employment Law Essay

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Everyday people are called hurtful names, treated unfairly, excluded from jobs and educational opportunities, and unfairly paid less than others for doing equal work due to discrimination. Discrimination has taken place since the beginning of humanity; however, in the last half-century considerable motions against discrimination allowed for new laws and new ways of thinking to be established. This essay is significant because it illustrates how managers ethically, legally, and successfully deal with discrimination in the workforce. The first section of the essay focuses on the various types of discrimination that take place throughout organizations in the United States, particularly "Baderman Island" (University of Phoenix, 2004). The second section of the essay identifies ethical and legal duties managers have pertaining to discrimination. The third section of this essay will discuss how different cultural practices may play a role in the discrimination issues.Types of Discrimination in the WorkplaceMany types of discrimination exist in the workplace. Discrimination is usually a basis of stereotypes on the subjects of religion, national origin, medical condition, race, age, disability, color, religion, national origin, and/or gender.Ethical and Legal Duties Managers HaveSeveral steps exist which managers can take to be proactive when pertaining to discrimination in the workplace. First, company policies with procedure should be in place covering discrimination. Managers should be sure to communicate the policies and procedures clearly to employees. Second, Managers and employees should be educated on discrimination. All employees should understand what discrimination is so they can avoid it or recognize it if they become targets. Thirdly, employees should treat complaints seriously. Managers should investigate complaints as soon as possible and take appropriate action. Next, managers should recognize that discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes.Managers need to take special care not to discriminate when following "employment practices such as hiring, promoting, testing, evaluating, compensating, disciplining, and terminating" (Odgers & Keeling, 2000, p.181). In the case of Baderman Island, managers need...

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