Virtual Reality And The Gaming Industry

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VII. Impact on individuals


Virtual reality gives huge benefits in education and helps to improve student engagement. It’s one of the best ways to engage and helps the students to understand the subject through virtual reality system. Especially in the virtual reality game will bring significant impact to teenagers. The major three types of impact are social difficulty (socially impaired), physical and psychological difficulty. Even virtual reality is a great tool to learn, but it is not a universal learning method for all of the educational areas. Too much of virtual reality for students will cause social difficulties because an inescapable aspect of social life is the formation and maintenance of interpersonal relationships (Biocca and Levy 1995). Constantly using virtual reality will cause isolation from the societies because the person already made his or her own social area which only exists in the virtual world. VR will provide a communication environment in which the dangers of deception and the benefits of creativity are amplified beyond the levels that humans currently experience in their interpersonal interactions (Biocca and Levy 1995). It could lead to low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and insignificance, even self-destructive acts (Cartwright, 1994). VR games could mindlessly, energy sapping diversion, bring electronic isolation, a playground for immortality (Kershner 1995). Virtual Reality game brings physical and psychological difficulties when they over run and it could be called as cyber sickness. VR interventions were able to increase physical activity capacity and performance in children with CP (Cerebral palsy) or early brain injury. Cyber sickness is one of the physiological impacts during or after immersion in a virtual environment. This sickness is primarily caused because of the conflicts between three sensory systems such as vestibular, and proprioceptive. Our eyes perceive a movement that is out of sync by a few milliseconds with what is perceived by the vestibular system, whereas the remainder of the body remains almost motionless (Stanney, Kennedy, & Kingdon, 2002). Cyber sickness can also be caused by factors related to the use of virtual reality equipment such as heaviness of the helmet, closeness of the screen to the eyes. Lawson, Graeber, Mead and Muth (2002) note the added possibility that these side effects are also connected to Sopite Syndrome (fatigue due to the movements). It also changes their emotional state due to cyber sickness, which means students can’t control their emotions. There are high possibilities of students who are addicted to virtual reality and will not aware about the way of expressing their emotions in the real world.


Currently, numerous amounts of people argue about the possible social effects of will most personal interactions occur online, in the virtual or cyberspace world. Supporters of virtual reality and online communities say that future VR and...

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