Virtual Reality Becomes Reality In Today’s Generation

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For today’s generation, virtual reality has become all too real in our everyday lives. Modern technology has almost replaced our generation’s physical social lives, is has left many basic skills unlearned, and has ultimately become a physical part of us. We rely on text messaging and email to keep in touch. We almost always have a device with us or near us at all times, and the simple tasks that require basic skills to complete cannot be completed without using a device, because most of the knowledge needed to complete them is left unlearned. Everywhere we go, and everything we do seems to involve technology, and the effects technology has on this generation, are all but small.
In this generation many physical social interactions have been replaced with technology. Think about the ways you personally communicate with friends and family today, and compare it with how people communicated with one another 50 years ago. No longer does one have to verbally speak with a friend or family member from a landline telephone, go to the person’s home, or send a letter in the mail to communicate. Some people even use technology to communicate within the same household, or even more unusual in the same room. With a press of a button and a quick dance of the fingers on a keyboard a text message can be sent. This is one of many modern conveniences that makes keeping in contact, and communicating with friends and family a quick and easy task, but often limited to 140 characters, full of abbreviations and emoticons, text messaging lacks the emotion and complexity that verbal and physical communication provide. Even video chat has its own downfall. Sure you have full verbal communication and a visual of the person’s face, but the aspect of physical interaction is missing from the equation. You are in fact verbally communicating with the person; however, the physical interaction is with the device. In the event that we do interact physically with others while in the same physical location, technology is still not far away. We take pictures, update statuses, tweet, text, like, share, the list goes on and on! As a result our authentic physical interaction seems to only be a means to enhance our digital lives. Dinner with family, or a date with a significant other despite its intended purpose of physical interaction often leads to those involved becoming nose deep in a device. It’s as if our devices are part of us, much like the equivalent of an arm or a leg. We think we absolutely need them, but in reality one could very well live without.
Today it seems as if technology has become part of our physical being. No matter where we go we are surrounded by technology in our environments. But most importantly we are attached to our own devices. It is estimated that the average person spends about 12% of their time on mobile devices. Think about the devices you may personally own. Perhaps you own a tablet, computer, MP3 player, or smart phone. No matter what the...

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