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Virtual Reality, Not So Virtual? Essay

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Virtual reality, is becoming more and more of everyday life, with robot pets, virtual online worlds, etc. Some believe that all of this is better than the real world. That robot dogs act better than real dogs, but does a distinction between virtual reality and reality ever occur? Will real life experiences still have any meaning to them? Children are the future, there present is engulfed in virtual worlds, will they affect what is to come of the world as we know it? If virtual reality becomes all of reality, where does the distinction between reality and virtual collapse.
Writer Philip K. Dick cautions about the collapsing distinction between the real and the virtual, or between the actual ...view middle of the document...

Reality may be able to become simulated in thousands of different way for thousands of different thing. But how real can they actually be. Can a simulator harm you if you mess up an important step of landing an airplane on a runway? No it cannot. Granted flight simulators are used for training pilots, it still takes out the risk so they can learn. Eventually knowing they will be put into a real world situation of landing a plane with all the dangers and worries. These dangers and worries can change the way a person can act, with them being present or absent.
If these fears are present most people have a different reaction to their environment, most tread lightly and are very cautious. Everything is experienced fuller and more vibrant in reality. Interacting between people and other living organisms first hand. Unlike virtual, in virtual it’s all a made up scfi. As real as it may seem the world around you is a simple illusion, it tricks your brain to believe it is real, you experience most of what you could in reality without a lot of dangers and fear of reality. These fears are what put restraints on the way people behave. Create a world where all fears are eliminated, what would be the outcome. People must interact with this world virtually, they can do whatever they want because fear and laws are not present. What will happen once they leave this world? After extended periods of time interacting with this game will they be able to tell the difference between reality and virtual and the way they can act?
What comes to be the question after extended periods of time in a virtual world, where you can lie, commit crimes, do virtually anything you want. Once a person leaves will they know the difference between reality and virtual? Now no studies have been done to show that they will in fact not know the difference anymore, but what can it do to people? People that have been subjected to virtual reality in what society considers a negative way, like violent video games, have been correlated to crimes. These crimes being robbery, assault, murder, etc. There is no clear distinction of what may happen, just a bunch of predictions and theory. But virtual reality has already started to show a collapse in reality. Virtual worlds are taking over younger generations that have spent their entire life on any kind of electronics. They are on virtual worlds all the time, world where you create an avatar and communicate with people all across the world. It may not sound bad at all, but some of these people aren’t always truthful about who they are. They lie about their age, name, where they live, and...

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