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Virtual Reality: The Real Life Implications Of Raising A Virtual Child

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When I first heard that I would be raising a virtual child, I did not fully understand how this would change my ideology on decision making and critical thinking and how my thoughts and ideas would impact the life of another human being. After I told my parents that I would be raising a child online, they had two reactions. Reaction number one consisted of them laughing because the thought of raising a child online seemed like a joke because I had absolutely no idea how to raise a child. Reaction number two came later and was more of an intrigued attitude than before. My parents watched me click buttons and run through thought processes on making decisions in how to raise my child from birth ...view middle of the document...

As far as parenting styles go, I chose the authoritative parenting style. The reasoning behind choosing the authoritative parenting style is because I wanted Taylor to have some sort of say in the rules once she got older. Taylor was always expected to follow certain rules and guidelines, but I was nurturing and tried to make sure that she received a lesson out of every mistake or broken rule that we came across. I wanted Taylor to be assertive and self-regulated instead of having a strict set of rules and facing punitive punishment when she broke a rule. I feel that authoritative parenting significantly improved Taylor’s responsibility and overall understanding of certain situations. When a rule was broken, I tried to make the best parenting decision that would result in her finding a way to turn a mistake into a stepping stone. I believe that authoritative parenting encouraged Taylor to be mature about situations and discouraged carefree decision making.
While I was a child, my parents were very strict, almost with an authoritarian parenting style. With that parenting style, I was forced to follow strict rules or face serious consequences, and the answer when I questioned what they did was almost always, “Because I said so.” Thankfully, once I was a little older, my parents moved towards more of an authoritative parenting style, where I was given more responsibility and more freedom. So, with a very strict beginning to my childhood, I made the assumption that I would take on the parenting style that my parents took on once I was older. From the beginning, I raised Taylor with the authoritarian parenting style. As stated before, this assumption to take on a different parenting style helped Taylor mature much faster and helped our relationship grow into a warm and nurturing relationship. I made the assumption that if I raised my child differently than my parents had raised me, she would not make as many mistakes as I did. It turns out, no matter the type of parenting style you possess; your child will make mistakes. I also assumed that if I did not take into account what I had learned from my previous experiences that these experiences would not come up with Taylor. Taylor and I argued about very similar topics that I argued with my parents about, she made the same decisions that I made regarding certain situations, and even had similar friendships that I did. My assumptions that my past experiences did not matter was quickly proven wrong once Taylor reached adolescences, but I am very thankful that I made the decision to change my parenting style according the way that my parents raised me because I feel that Taylor and I had a very strong bond at an early age.
As an authoritative parent, my relationship with Taylor was very warm and nurturing. With this parenting, Taylor learned to be very responsible and mature at a young age that flourished once she was a teenager moving into adulthood. I also made sure that Taylor had everything that she...

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