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Virtual Work, Security, And Privacy Iaas 600 Research Paper

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Our textbook informs us that another virtual work concern that is continually recurring is ensuring work product confidentiality from remote work locations such as the home. Our authors notify us that the aforementioned can also produce liability implications and make us aware of the fact that virtual workers will most likely posses organization's trade secrets and customer data that is commonly stored on mobile devices and or laptop computers which can be stolen or lost easily. The textbook supports the previous statement by referencing the two unsecured AvMed Health Plans Inc. laptops that were stolen in 2010 and for which contained approximately two hundred and eight thousand customer’s health information and social security numbers (Workman, Phelps, & Gathegi, 2013, p. 44).
Julie Tappero, the author of the article The Risks & Liabilities of Telecommuting identifies the following telecommuting security risks. She first asserts that when workers perform job functions outside of the organizational facilities, a major concern is technologic based security risks and that the highest priority of the organization should be its network security, data integrity, and privacy protections. She further dictates that organizations must, in all cases, have drafted, instituted, and enforce an acceptable use policy that is detailed and includes company data, computers, and online media, regardless of where the organizations employee's work from. However, if the organization has virtual works, this acceptable use policy becomes even more imperative.
• The acceptable use policy must be updated when new technology is implemented or procedures regarding the used of the technology changes and or annually. Employee's must be required to sign the policy
• Equipment issued by the organization should be provided to telecommuters to perform work with as opposed to allowing them to use their personal equipment.
• Ensure that an IT professional verifies that equipment is secured using anti-virus, firewalls, lockouts for failed long-ons, and other applicable security settings as well as verifying that the networks of remote employees are correctly secured.
• Insure that websites that are blocked on the computers in the organization's facilities are also blocked on the machines that telecommuters use as well
• Administrator privileges should not be granted to telecommuters on the work computers as doing such would allow the installation of malware or non work related software. All installations, changes, and updates should be provided remotely by the IT staff only
Tappero further recommends that if laptops are provided to employees by the organization, policy needs to clearly define that the use of organizational equipment within unsecured environments is strictly forbidden. Examples of such unsecured environments would include, however, is not limited to locations such as coffee shops and other such public locations hosting unsecured wireless...

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