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Viruses Essay

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It is morning. You awaken to the sweet smell of flowers and the sound of birds chirping. You turn on your new I B M compatible computer only to find that every bit and byte of information has been erased. A computer virus has struck.Yes, these small bits of computer code have slowly overtaken the world of computing. A computer virus is a small program that attaches itself to disks and computer systems with instructions to do something abnormal. Sometimes the effects of a computer virus can be harmless. Sometimes the effects of a computer virus can be disastrous. But whichever way you look at it they still cause problems. There are many kinds of computer viruses. Three of the most common are the time bomb, the logic bomb and the Trojan horse. The time bomb is a virus triggered by the computers clock reaching a certain date and time (often Friday the thirteenth). The logic bomb is a virus triggered by a certain value appearing a certain part of the computers memory, either relevant to the viruses purposes or at random. The Trojan horse is an innocent seeming program deliberately infects with a virus and circulated publicly. There is a cure for these viruses, though. These 'cures' are called vaccines. A vaccine is a program that watches for typical things viruses do, halts them, and warns the computer operator.'Put a kid with the chicken pox together with a bunch of healthy kids and not all of them will get sick.' But that is not the case with computer viruses. You see when a computer virus passes on a virus it never fails unless the computer is protected with a vaccine. A typical computer virus spreads faster than the chicken pox too. Now as I said before when a computer virus attempts to infect another computer the attack is not always successful. However that does not mean the infected computer stops trying. An infected computer will pass on the virus every chance it gets. Computer viruses are spread by two methods Floppy disks and modems. A modem is a phone link...

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Computer Viruses Essay

2313 words - 9 pages What is a Computer virus?Computer viruses are software programs deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation, record, corrupt, or delete data, or spread themselves to other computers and throughout the Internet. Viruses often slow things down and cause other problems in the process. Basic viruses typically require unwary computer users to unconsciously share or send them. Some viruses that are more sophisticated, such as worms, can

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533 words - 2 pages A computer virus is an illegal and potentially damaging computer program designed to infect other software by attaching itself to any software it contacts. In many cases, virus programs are designed to damage computer systems maliciously by destroying or corrupting data. If the infected software is transferred to or accessed by another computer system, the virus spreads to the other system. Viruses have become a serious problem in recent years

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1225 words - 5 pages Viruses The word virus can be very disheartening, especially when computers are involved. A digital virus is a computer code composed of instructions hidden inside a program. These instructions can either be malicious or more stealthy, not letting their presence be known until it is too late. Regardless of the type you have encountered or will encounter either purposely or on accident, there is help. Software companies have been and will

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3440 words - 14 pages to find out the differences between a computer virus, a computer worm and a Trojan horse. The report will also include the common computer viruses, the different types of computer viruses, the reasons why computer viruses can be destructive and the different ways by which computer users can protect themselves against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.Computer VirusesA computer virus is a computer program that is hidden within another program that

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1565 words - 6 pages viruses because of the way that they hide themselves, and some polymorphic because of the way they change themselves to avoid scanners from detecting them.The most common classification relates to the sort of executable code which the virus attaches itself to. These are:¨ Partition Viruses¨ Boot Viruses¨ File Viruses¨ Overwriting VirusesAs well as replicating, a virus may carry a Damage routine.There is also a set of programs that are

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3317 words - 13 pages COMPUTER VIRUSESCONTENTS3A bit of historyWhat is a computer virus? 4Who writes computer viruses? 5To whose advantage computer viruses are written? 6A legal notice. Penal Code of Russian Federation 7Synopsis 8SOURCES 9Appendix 10A bit of history2 November 1988 Robert Morris younger (Robert Morris), graduate student of informatics faculty of Cornwall University (USA) infected a great amount of computers, connected to Internet network. This network

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4482 words - 18 pages affect us on both the financial and emotional level. In this paper, we will explore these areas of which we know so little, and will also see that computers are really extensions of people. An attack on a computer's vulnerabilities are really an attack on peoples' vulnerabilities.Today, computer systems are under attack from a multitude of sources. These range from malicious code, such as viruses and worms, to human threats, such as hackers and

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765 words - 4 pages Viruses. We have made Bacteria create human insulin, so we no longer have to get it from pigs. Modifying viruses can help in many ways. In recent, we have caused many maricles with science. Scientists cured a girl 6 year old girl of Cancer by mutating a form of HIV, infecting white blood cell and injecting them back in her to attack cancer cells. With this she was cured of the cancer, also not getting HIV, since they mutated it to not allow it to

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1061 words - 4 pages Influenza viruses existing in birds continue to be a source for a diverse combination of antigenic subtypes including 16 hemagglutinin (HA) and 9 neuraminidase (NA) and represent a large reservoir of novel antigens to which the human population is naïve [1,2](1)) (Seasonal influenza epidemics are a major public health concern, accounting for five million severe cases worldwide [1](4))(Annually, influenza types A cause human outbreaks responsible

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732 words - 3 pages A computer virus program is altering program and it replicated itself by coping itself into other programs stored in a computer. The word "virus" is also commonly used broadly to include computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horse programs. For example, so-called "anti-virus software" will remove all three classes of these malicious programs. The first virus was born in the very beginning of 1970’s or even in the end of 1960’s although

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754 words - 4 pages Computer viruses are a major problem for computer users worldwide. They are programs that have the ability to reproduce and infect you system. In addition to being able to reproduce, viruses may be designed to do different destructive actions so a virus can destroy programs and data right away or can stay dormant for some time and do its damage in a certain time therefore Learning about viruses can help you to keep your system free from viruses