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How To Set Vision And Goals In Your Company

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Ralph Lauren said it well when he said “A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” (Lauren n.d.) Every company needs to have an attitude similar to this. A vision or goal needs to be out there so every leader and employee knows the purpose of the company and ways to bring the vision to fruition or to reach the goals. Let’s take a look at how important it is to have a company vision, to set goals, and how they are important when you are a leader.
Having a vision is the first step when it comes to goal setting. (Clark 2013) A vision lets you the leader and your employees know why the company exists and where the company wants to be in a few years or more down road. An article in Diversity MBA Magazine described vision as “It sparks and fuels the fire within the organization and draws everyone forward, and it illuminates the way others are to follow.” (Why Leaders 2010) Visions are usually left up to the leaders to come up with and sometimes finding that vision can be very perplexing. However, the vision must be there in for the company to be successful over time.
Goal Setting
When talking about goals what does that actually mean? For most it means it is something that you are working towards. The goal can be anything, big or small it doesn’t matter. When business leaders set goals they may be small increments to a larger vision for the company. The goals are the road map to an end destination. Our reading advised a few key points when setting goals. It advised goals should be realistic and attainable, improve business, and include employees to name a few. (Clark 2013)
The text provided a plethora of additional information on goals, setting them, and goal characteristics. All are good to help when starting out and when direction is needed on how to begin. Goals provide the direction that employees need and provides direction that leads to success for companies. Why does anyone set goals? The reasons vary but in the end by reaching a goal it let us know that something has been obtained or accomplished.
Leadership Role in Vision and Goals
Now that a...

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