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In a single hour, the human eyes and mind are inundated with a myriad of different forms of visual communication. It is accurate to say that “we live in a world of things seen, a world that is visual, and we expend much of our physical and emotional energy on the act of seeing” (Berger, 2008, p.1). Generally speaking, people do not distinguish between the different visual aspects on a conscious level, but instead see things as a whole. However, in order to fully understand the meaning of certain visuals and to appeciate the diligence needed to create each image. Therefore, this paper will break down a self-created image that conveys the message of “There is no place like home,” using three visual communication techniques: photography, typography, and illustrations.
The first aspect, photography, is often used to tell a story, convey a message, or communicate an specific idea, emotion, feeling, etc to its viewers (Dijic, 2008). The photograph in my visual design is a photograph of my father, my mother, and me. Even without knowing me personally, the proximity of each other within the picture emphasizes the fact that we know each other well, or well enough to take a professional photograph with one another. The high gloss look and set poses suggest that it is, in fact, a professional photograph. The fact that we are smiling and our facial expressions simulate genuine happiness shows that we like one another. The picture is somewhat close-up, which restates the previous notion that we are know each other well and are in good terms with one another. The obvious age differences, noted by our hair color, clothes, winkles, etc., denote that there is two older people and one person much younger person being photographed. The combination of all of these different photographic techniques has in many ways expressed that the photograph is of a family- a mother, a father, and a daughter. Since my message is “There is no place like home,” having a picture of a family fits perfectly in the “home” area, which is families are usually found. This picture has, therefore, visually communicated my intended message, which is the key goal of most photographs (Dijic, 2008).
My next visual communication technique is typography. “Typography is, for our purposes, the art of selecting and arranging type or---in broader terms---using type in various graphic designs to obtain particular effects” (Berger, 2008, pg. 97). In this graphic, I actually used two different forms of fonts, the key component in typography. The first font, used to write “There is no place like,” is called Harrington. With its print style but cursive flairs, this font seemed like a perfect font that may imitate the handwriting style of an older parent or even grandparent. The version I used was in simple black, was bolded, and was at 24 point, a somewhat larger size. The second font I used to write “HOME” is called Country Hearts. Since I grew up in the south, my home and heart is in the...

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