Vision Of The Antelope Valley Hospital, California Emergency Room

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What is your vision of the Emergency Room? In brief, my vision is exactly as the AV Hospital states it in their Vision Statement; to deliver excellent service with the most qualified people and the latest technology. Ok, "latest technology" - maybe, but the "most qualified people," I don't think so. AV Hospital has made a contradicting statement when quoting that in their vision statement. In my essay, I will provide fact and opinion, not only from the people in our community but also personnel that work for the AV Hospital. I will present different sources such as news paper editorials, employee statements and public statements that will prove this hospital is incompetent when providing services to the people of the community. I will focus on some key points such as inexperienced nurses, unreliable doctors and an unsanitary Emergency Room.So, truly, what is your vision of the Emergency Room? Are you expecting to be cared for by a professional staff of qualified, experienced and reliable medical staff? I am sure, like many of the people in the general public, you expect exactly that, but when you step into the AV Hospital Emergency Room you don't know what to expect. First off, when you enter the Emergency Room you are checked by Security Guards. So this means if you are bleeding to death you still need to be screened before you can enter. You are given a slip of paper to write what you need to be treated for. Once this is completed, you are asked to sit and wait till the ER nurse is able to diagnose your symptoms. By this time you may have already waited a minimum of one to two hours. After you are diagnosed, you are asked to sit and wait again till you are seen by an ER doctor. Ok, let's talk a little bit...

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