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Visions And Versions Essay

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Visions and Versions All authors are inspired to write, and once inspired the author's work is a vision and a version of their influences. Every author is influenced from personal experiences, historical events, intellectual events, other writers, and literary movements to form their own work. The major theme in Anderson's collection of short stories called "Winesburg, Ohio' is voiceless small town people trying to find a voice. Many influences were predominating in the forming of Anderson's theme. This theme is a visions and a version of the industrial revolution, other writers, literary movements, and ideas from Sigmund Freud. The first important aspect in understanding what influenced Sherwood Anderson to begin writing is his personal history.Sherwood Anderson was born in 1876 in Camden, Ohio, but he grew up mostly in Clyde, Ohio, which became the model for the fictional town of Winesburg, Ohio. Anderson's mother died when he was eighteen of tuberculosis, and Anderson set out for Chicago at the age of nineteen. Anderson's mother left a large impact on him, and "Winesburg, Ohio" was dedicated in her honor. "To the memory of my mother, Emma Smith Anderson, whose keen observations on the life about her first awoke in me a hunger to see beneath the surface of lives, this book is dedicated"(Anderson). When Anderson first arrived in Chicago, he worked odd jobs, and in 1898 he served in the Spanish-American war. Once Anderson completed high school at Wittenberg Academy in Springfield, Ohio, he went to work as an advertising copywriter in Chicago. He married Cornelia Lane, and they had three children together. Anderson became the owner of a mail-order paint business, and then in 1912, torn between his responsibilities and his drive to create, he had a breakdown that has become legendary says Michael Meyer, the editor for the book "The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature." Anderson without warning walked out of his work and wandered the streets for four days before ending up in a hospital. Michael Meyer also mentions that Anderson began to realize that he must devote his life to writing. Anderson broke from his wife and family and joined Carl Sandburg and Theodore Dreiser, who were at the core of Chicago's literary group. Anderson was trying to have a writing career, and do all the responsibilities of a family and businessperson, but something sparked in Anderson and he began to work towards a literary career. Once Anderson began writing "Winesburg, Ohio," the first influence that had an impact on Anderson's theme was the industrial revolution.Anderson's theme of voiceless small town people in "Winesburg, Ohio" was greatly influenced by the industrial revolution, and his writings are versions of that period. The industrial revolution made people feel smaller and less involved with society as a whole. Living conditions during this time were not good, because people were moving to cities to accommodate for the industrial revolution. By everyone...

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