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Visiting Mujeres Del Maiz: A Women´S Activist Association

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Leaving My Comfort Zone
Mujeres de Maiz is a public women's activist organization. Their goal is to inspire women by making safe places that provide art education, and publishing opportunities for a magazine. The magazine is a self-publishing magazine that gives women the power of speech and presents visual artists and poets. Mujeres de Maiz also host multiple events. These events include writing workshops, organic gardening classes, herbal hikes etc. Mujeres de Maiz’s magazine and events bring together diverse women from all over the world. They have encouraged women to interact and make plans for political issues. One of the events that Mujeres de Maiz holds is a live art show. The live art show consists of spoken word and music. Their 17th Anniversary Live Art Show was held on Sunday March 9, 2014 at The Vex in Los Angeles.
When going to the event, there was a sense of being uncomfortable. I went from being in a well-known area to an area I knew nothing about. I had left the small neighborhood and went to the Walgreens that was on the next block. It felt very comfortable since I frequent this Walgreens quite often. I took the same street I’ve taken every day for the past 13 years. I took it every day to go to element, middle and high school had gotten to the intersecting streets that my middle school was on. When I turned away from my school having it behind me I lost sense of direction. It wasn’t until I had passed a community college that my older sister attended, that I understood where I was. I passed a grassy area and saw children playing soccer. As soon as I passed Pierce College I felt uncomfortable since I have never been beyond the community college. Pass Pierce College was hills with lots of grass. It had a forestry feeling to it since there are many trees. There were many two story houses with big lawns and had tall gates. I had made a left onto the freeway. Once on the freeway, there wasn’t much I knew. All that I could see was the tops of buildings and business after business. I had passed a parking lot filled with post office trucks, some Bright neon tagging, two El Camino Real bronze bells on green poles, and another parking lot filled with big green trucks that go and pick up garbage. Once off the freeway there was multiple buildings and walls with tagging, people camping out in tent on the sidewalks, a man walking on train tracks.
When I arrived at The Vex there was a huge mask hanging outside the building. The...

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