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Visitor Satisfaction Essay

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Globally, the numbers of tourists have been increasing in the past few years. Tourist, who seeking satisfying leisure experience on trips away from home(Leiper, 2004). Tourists are attracted to these places and enjoy leisure time there, because of multiple features, which synergistically give the place character or atmosphere, contributing to an interesting or pleasant experience(Weaver & Laura). In today's tourism, there is an unprecedented level of interest in tourist satisfaction. "Tourism satisfaction" refers to the emotional state of tourists after exposure to the opportunity or experience(Baker & Crompton, 2000). The literature on the satisfaction measurement focuses primarily on the disconfirmation model of expectations. While a considerable amount of empirical research supports this theory, Yi (1990) claimed that the desires of the consumer, as the key determinants of satisfaction, have not been considered in previous research. This view was supported by Spreng et al. (1996) who believed that the extent to which a product or service fulfils a person's desires are significant in shaping the individual's feelings of satisfaction and should be considered when measuring the satisfaction level. Baker and Crompton (2000) also supported this view by indicating that factors such as desires, needs and disposition can influence the measurement of satisfaction. In this essay, it will give a specific example - Disneyland in Hong Kong and will discuss visitor satisfaction and how the manager can improve it in Disneyland.The American people have experienced the happiness of Disney theme parks for over 50 years. Now the people of China can enjoy the happiness too. Hong Kong Disneyland opened on September 12, 2005. It's the 11th Disneyland in the Disney global empire(Xinhua net, 2006). Disney has a big name and it will definitely attract people and be a big success. Theme park are large-scale, topical specialized recreational attractions that contain numerous subat- traction (eg. Rides shows exhibits) intended to provide family groups with an all-inclusive, all-day recreational experience(Marr, 2006). They are also provide a good illustration of social engineering in that they purport to offer thrilling and spontaneous experience, yet in reality are carefully regulates and orchestrated environments that maximize opportunities for retail expenditure by visitors (Marr, 2006). Although the Disneyland have achieved they expected numbers of people come to visit, there are still have many issues occured in the past few months in Hong Kong. In a recent survey conducted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 70% of the local residents polled and 60% of tourists said they had a more negative opinion of Disneyland since its opening(Time, 2006). These are the top four negatives opinions examples.Firstly, the most serious issue is over estimation of the number of visitors, just before the grand opening, the park was also criticized for overestimating the daily...

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