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Visual Art Analisys: 2000 2009 Scad Visual Arts Essay

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The painting chosen for analysis is titled Napoleon Leading The Army Over The Alps by

Kehinde Wiley. The art is contemporary in nature painted in the year 2005. The painting is

currently not under any museum location, but is part of the Kehinde Wiley: A new Republic

exhibition. The description of the picture is the youthful man who has dark skin color. The

African man is dawning cool street wear, but is on a horse that is rearing and pointing upwards.1

The painting also has the man dressed in a camouflage shirt and cargo pants. He also has tattoos

printed on his right arm. The man, who is the main character in the painting, is also dressed in

Timberland boots for footwear, wristbands, and cargo pants.

The painting also has a beautiful background that features the modern version of a

wallpaper using the baroque motif. There are also rocks on the ground of the painting

reminiscent of a historical context. The photorealist rendering clashes with the flattened

rendering. The painting also has names engraved on the bottom left corner symbolizing war

names. The art looks like a depiction of how men go to war from the historical times to the

1 Sullivan, Kinsey Lane. 2014. 14 Incredible Works That Have Redefined Art in the 21st Century.

June 17. Accessed February 21, 2017.

Students Name 2

current modern contemporary times represented with the clothing of the man on the horse. The

painting is also in an elaborate gold frame which reminiscent of the paintings done by ancient

European rulers. The main character’s stance is similar to that of Napoleon Bonaparte from the

canvas ‘Bonaparte Crossing the Alps at Grand-Saint-Bernard by Jacques-Louis David.

The colors used in the painting are red in the background together with a royal kind of

emblems on the wallpaper background as if the man is a ruler of some sort. The colors seem to

darken on the right side of the painting which demonstrates that light comes from the left aspect

of the canvas.2 The gold frame represents the sense of royalty that the person on the painting is

somewhat royal. The wavy lines and shapes of the horse demonstrate the movement of the horse

upwards. The historical nature of the portrait is meant to show communication between the artist

and the audience. The theme of the artwork is the status of Africans in the modern contemporary

society. There are also references to wealth and power with the gold frame and the baroque

motif. Historically, the primary patrons and society members showed their importance in the

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