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Visual Arts Essay

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Perhaps one of the more repulsive, yet cute, toys all of time, Jennifer Lew's stuffed "ca-ca" set the mark for oddball accessories in 2003. The ca-ca is plush, even pretty, but ca-ca nonetheless--а furry rendition of excrement in the guise of а stuffed animal. This homage to human refuse is just one of more than а dozen plush objects Lew has completed in the 'last year and is selling to sudden success at New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art.А native of Queens, New York, Lew, 23, caught the design bug as а student at Manhattan's High School of Fashion Industries, where she learned the essentials of sartorial form, structure, and sewing ( In college, she studied graphic design under Paul Sahre at the School of Visual Arts, completing а whimsical thesis project in 2002 that had the theme "accumulation."Her final thesis publication was а counting book for adults--count the knives, guns, drugs, and so on--that commented on the dangers surrounding urban kids. After а summer stint at the firm Design Machine, Lew became а junior graphic designer at Simon & Schuster, assisting art directors such as John Fulbrook, Jackie Seow, and Michael Accordino.DiscussionIn spite of the responsibilities of full-time work, Lew hatched ambitious plans for her off-duty pursuits. In the fall of 2002, she began making stuffed animals and objects. Her first creation, а gift for а niece, was а turtle with а detachable shell. А pink bunny emerged next from Lew's workshop, followed close behind by other fauna, ersatz edibles, and offbeat items.Soon after she began the project, much of Lew's free time was devoted to producing the polyester-and-felt collectibles. Her stuffed-object repertoire includes а set...

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1426 words - 6 pages students develop self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperative skills and self-motivation, all of which are necessary to be successful in life. (Arts Education Partnership, 2006) A comprehensive elementary arts education program should consist of all 4 elements: dance, music, theatre and visual arts. DANCE Why? The first important element in arts education is dance. The art of dance has been around since the beginning of time. Before humans

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2525 words - 10 pages the academic worlds are separate.’ They declared, and both were critical of the fact; ‘museums are not drawing on university scholarship, and the academic world, in turn, has avoided problems of attribution (that interest the museum) because those problem are connected with the market’ (Council on Museums and Education in the Visual Arts, 539) In other words, academics and fine arts are two very different things. With academics, people

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1331 words - 6 pages time he was also teaching high school art and design. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2003) Paul Duncum then started his current career as a college lecturer and professor. His first lecturing position was at the Brisbane College of Advanced Education in the visual arts curriculum. A year later he moved on the Central Queensland University as a senior lecturer in the visual arts curriculum. In 1997, Duncum then moved from Queensland

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963 words - 4 pages , music, opera, theater, and visual arts” (Woronkowicz et al. 3). The grants, scholarships, and awards help give starving artists a chance, a chance to share their gift with the world and improve our state of living. Over the years the NEA has awarded more than four billion dollars to support “artistic excellence, creativity, and innovation” (Woronkowicz et al. 3). It annually gives the largest funds out of all the arts organizations in the United

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