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visual communication technologies

with growth and development of technology, visual communication technologies has improved over time, after further review I found the new achievements that has been recently introduced to world of communications.
I would like to add these technologies to the list of visual communication technologies that I mentioned previously, so I rewrite list of visual communication technologies and the results are listed as follows:
technologies such as: Augmented reality, real-time spatialized audio or face and eye tracking, digital Tablet or phone, CADD or GIS, streaming video, digital signage and telepresence, tele-presence and video conferencing, video images, computer movies and electro-vido graphic, web conferencing, video chats and online collaboration tools, Skype, etc.
In the following I will describe and discuss these technologies, definitions ,their history and transformation

digital displays, tablets and smart phones

Tablet computer, Tablets

A tablet computer, or simply tablet is a type of notebook computer, a mobile computer with display, circuitry and battery in a single has an LCD screen on which the user can write using a special-purpose pen, or stylus.
Alan Curtis Kay an American computer scientist design a computer tablet In 1968. he created "the Dynabook" concept and calling it a 'children's computer.' described what is now known as a laptop computer.
One of the first tablets was GRiDPad, it was a touchscreen tablet manufactured for GRiD Systems Corporation by Samsung in 1989,It has a 640x400 backlit Monochrome touchscreen CGA display and 2MB of system memory, and often came equipped with a 20 MB 2.5" IDE disk.
in 1987 "The Newton platform " the first tablet platform developed by an American multinational corporation : Apple Inc. it was an early personal digital assistant.
Development of the Newton platform started in 1987 and officially ended on February 27, 1998
in 2001 Microsoft Tablet PC announced by Microsoft.
the First Apple Ipad Released in 2010, include Apple A4 processor, a 9.7inch" touchscreen display screen, capability of accessing Cellular networks. The iPad can play music, send and receive email and browse the web. It also has the ability to play games, GPS navigation software and social network services can be enabled by downloading apps.

smartphone, or smart phone is a mobile phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications. smartphone will be based on an operating system that allows it to run applications.
the first smartphone was designed by IBM(The International Business Machines Corporation) an American multinational technology and consulting corporation in 1992 and was called Simon. The IBM Simon Personal Communicator was a massive device with a battery guzzling design

Augmented reality (AR)

The term...

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