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Visual Elements Of A Graphic Image

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1.0 Introduction
To design a graphic image, it is important to incorporate various kinds of visual elements to the particular image such as posters, banners, advertisements, billboards and so on in order to create an image which can represent a situation and at the same time deliver some key points or messages to viewer about situation. Each of these visual elements plays their own role in indicating some signs or delivering some implicit messages to the viewer. The types of visual elements used in graphic design are point, line, form and shape, movement, space, pattern and texture; these elements has been applied in advertisements, painting of pictures, packaging of manufactured products, book covering, gift wrappers and so on.

These elements has become so useful to people because they are not only used in attracting them, but they are also used in creating awareness to them by highlighting or promoting important issues or events. For example, when the members of Ministry of Health are worried about the widespread of dengue fever, they will display banners to create awareness to people so that they will take precautions. These kinds of banners contain some of the visual elements that are combined to create distinct typefaces and various kinds of colours and shapes, which suits with the intended theme. Another example is displaying banners of the important of blood donation. One of the most important about the uses of visual elements is in the teaching and learning process in kindergarten, schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities. Since the advancement of digital imaging, visual elements have been widely used to create slideshows for teachers and lecturers to teach their students so that it will be easy for them to grasp or understand about what they are learning in their class and at the same time it will avoid them from getting bored. Slideshows are also used in presentations not at schools and colleges, but they are also used in corporate or business sectors where the presenter will explain the content in the slides with the assistance of the elements that have been used to create the slides.

One important aspect in creating any kind of slideshows is the clarity; if the elements are used according to the suitability of the background, foreground and words, then the viewers will be able to have a good clarity of the slides. The following topics in this discussion will explain more detail about the visual elements.

2.0 Types of Visual Elements in Graphic Images

As we know that there are numerous types of visual elements in graphic design such as below:-

1. Point
2. Line
3. Shape
4. Space
5. Movement
6. Texture

2.1 Point
A point which is also known as mark is one of the basic element in graphic design. This element is used in designing many kinds of images including digital images. It is used to create a focal point for a viewer; the focal point indicates the important part of an image. For example, when a...

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