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Visual Essay Analyzing And Interpreting Of Ralph Lauren Romance A Love Story, A Fragance Ad

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In the September 2013 issue of Vogue magazine Ralph Lauren Romance A love Story featuring women’s fragrance by Ralph Lauren displays in a series of photographs the stages of falling in love. Analyzing the contents of the photographs the images are presented in a form of puzzles which at first seem jumbled and at the end it materializes as a whole construction of a life that they have built together. In observing the photographs, it depicts the typical conventional manner in which boy meets girl and from there the pictorial images shifts into a series of symbolizing sequences of events involving hero and heroine. The images portrayed in the photograph conjures reminiscences subtleties of conflict in which the man seeks to capture, conquer and secure the admiration of the woman he loves while the woman at last submits to his advances. Love and romance are displayed throughout each frame with marriage at last forming the seal that will bind them together.
The picture consist of six photographs, each constructing a formalized version of how the significant features of the relationship progress. The photographs imitate the concepts of a romance novel with subtleties suggesting a carefree life style this is shown with the hero playing his guitar. The heroine is also depicted as obstinate, wild, free and adventurous type this is illustrated in the image of her riding away on a horse in her wedding dress this also suggest that she is a runaway bride. They eventually marry as the fifth picture shows the man in his tuxedo and the couple embracing both seem happy as they are smiling.
Still another significant feature exhibited in the sixth last frame displays a family type portrait of a happy family where the couple’s children are grown up it is my assumption that they have just renewed their vows. The heroine is shown wearing her wedding dress while the hero is more relaxed wearing long sleeve white shirt rolled up at his elbows. The couple are sitting on the steps of the church with their children a boy and a girl presumable ages ten and seven. The photograph also shows the son smiling looking amusingly on as his parents embracing while the daughter leans against her father, her head is held down she has probably been reprimanded by her parents. This accounts for the fact her left hand is bandage and she is wearing cowboy boots with a dress rather than...

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