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Visual Ethnographic Research Study Essay

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Throughout the young lives of children, there are many methods that can be used to interpret and understand their respective childhoods. We can appreciate that each child has a unique way of interpreting their childhood and through different methods, they have a distinctive way of how each of them perceive their childhood to be. One excellent methodology that children can show what they recognize about their childhood to be is with the concept of photo-voice. Photo-voice grants each child the capability of capturing visual moments through the use of photographs. The methodology that I am interested in for my visual ethnographic research study is children and their toys. My research question is to establish are children's favorite toys determined by society and is based on gender assumptions. My two participants were a male and female both age six. I have selected these participants over other children as I feel that at their age they are able of successfully communicating their likes and dislikes with respect to my study. As well, their age group has been exposed to playing with a variety of toys. They are also able to articulate what their preferences are while at the same time are still sincere and honest with respect to their answers. The need to conduct this research with a male and female child was required as it gives researchers a sense of different tastes that exists between both sexes and perhaps establish if there is any relation or not between both children and their interest to toys. After conducting my field work and conducting two interviews with my two participants, I have analyzed the extensive data I was able to gather and I was able to acquire much more knowledge on this topic. In relation to children's toys, they are characterized by gender assumptions. By conducting a visual ethnographic research study, it can be arguable that the use of children's photo-voice is centered upon gender identities, popular culture and adult agendas.
The concept of gender identities helps group society in terms of what they categorize males and females. For the most part, males and females predominantly have different roles in society. The key reason as to why I decided on having two participants both from opposite sexes is because I wanted to see if there was a correlation between their sex and their preferences in toys. When analyzing the photographs with my participants, the male participant chose many toys with the colors blue, red, yellow, and green. Without his sister present, I questioned him as to why he chose these particular colors over other colors. He responded "I'm a boy, that's the colors that boys like. Plus these are the colors of things that I play with. I never play with pink or purple things; that is for girls like my sister. My Spiderman figure (Refer to Appendix A) shows that I am a boy and I only play with boy toys." The central theme that my male participant vocalized to me effectively signifies...

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