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There are so many books written by well-known professors and writers that are filled with information about many things we do not know. I choose to read “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” by Edward Tufte because I found it really interesting. The first factor that makes me want to read this book was the history behind writing this book. The writer stated in introduction part that the primary focus of the book was to teach statistics of few journalists who were interested in learning Economic concepts in the year of 1975 A.D which gave me a general idea that the book was written for novices, which means that the information provided will be clear, understandable and it will ...view middle of the document...

I also did believed my assumption that nowadays the data are modified for the interest of channels, political parties, environment agencies and many more, because the book has a far better and clearer view of the data then we see in the present. My concern after reading this book is have we become more efficient or we have loosed our creativity because we are so dependent in our computer systems?
The other example that help me what I don’t already know was the significance of a graph by E.J. Marey on La methode graphique(Paris, 1885), p.20. This graph was probably the most significant way of representing the data at that time. This graph shows the method which is attributed to a French engineer Ibry, and I can easily assume that this graph have definetly helped a lot to manage the train schedules for Paris to Lyon.
The book also helps me learn how J.H. Lambert and William Playfair have a great impact in modern graphical designs. Time series analysis wasn’t considered as an evaluation technique before Playfair’s book, The Commercial and Political Atlas (London, 1786) was published where the writer contrasted new graphical method with the tabular presentation of the data. The book showed so many graphs that really helped me understand the evolution of modern representation of the data. The graphs in this book also helped me with the Economics class that I am taking this semester, especially the graphs of Inflation and Unemployment Rate of various countries showed how inflation had and can affect the unemployment rate of a country.
I didn’t cared much about the...

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