Visual Impairment And Blindness Essay

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Visual impairment and blindness caused by various diseases has been hugely reduced, but there are many people who are at risk of age-related visual impairment. Visual information is most important for any navigational tasks, so visually impaired people are at disadvantage because necessary information about the surrounding environment is not available. With the wide development in inclusive technology it is possible to extend the support given to people with visual impairment during their mobility. In this context we propose a system, named Smart Vision, whose objective is to give blind users the ability to move around in unfamiliar environment, whether indoor or outdoor, through a user ...view middle of the document...

Our paper focuses on obstacle detection, and finding location in order to enhance navigation facilities for visually impaired people. Moving through an unknown environment becomes a real challenge when we can’t rely on our own eyes. Since dynamic obstacles usually produce noise while moving, blind people develop their sense of hearing to detect them. this can also be applied to different situation. When the visually-impaired move into a new environment, they will find it difficult to memorize the locations of the object or obstacles. As usage of various sensors for obstacle detection are being done but if we use the camera and image processing technique for obstacle detection it is more reliable and gives much more depth knowledge of the obstacle. Also usage of this technology makes the hardware part less bulky as compared to the hardware by using the sensors. Mainly ultrasonic sensors are used for obstacle detection which is best choice when we use sensors for obstacle detection. Image processing gives the in-depth knowledge. We can get to know the distance of obstacle and also the shape of the obstacle by using either region based or shape based processing. Using the image processing in support with LPC 2148 as the processor makes this system on par with other obstacle detection system as it enhances the processing speed. Also, using various modules makes the system much more user friendly and much more advanced which help the user to detect the obstacle while giving necessary information about the environment.

Fig: Block diagram of smart vision system for blind
The proposed system consist of LPC2148, RFID, APR9600, GPS, EEPROM, 16*2 LCD display, control switches, camera speaker.
This section explain the operation and interfacing each modules present in the smart vision system architecture.
The whole circuit can be divided into following section:-
This module is basically designed to achieve 12V, 1A and 5V, 500mA and 3.3V. The design consist of transformer which will step down the AC voltage, IN4007 diode used to form bridge rectifier to convert AC to DC, capacitor of 1000uF which is used as a filter circuit, 7812 regulator to obtain a 12V DC and followed by 7805 regulator to obtain a 5V DC at the output of the regulator a 330 ohm resistance and LED is connected as power on indicator
The LPC2148 microcontroller is a 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S CPU which has real-time emulation and embedded trace support, it combine the microcontroller with 32 kB, 64 kB, 128 kB, 256 kB and 512 kB of embedded high-speed flash memory. It has 128-bit wide memory interface and a unique accelerator architecture.its architecture enables it for 32-bit code execution using maximum clock rate. While using for critical code size applications, the alternative 16-bit Thumb mode uniquely provided can be used which reduces code by more than 30 % with very less...

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