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According to the Merriam-Webster, propaganda is defined as the “ideas or statements…that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.” The use of propaganda reached its greatest height in America during World War II and was used to persuade citizens to enlist themselves into the army, to encourage women to become a part of the workforce, and most importantly to convince people to invest in war bonds. A large group of civilians that remained in the country during the war were women. Since it was necessary to have all citizens of the United States involved in supporting the war one way or another, the government used propaganda to influence women to be a part of the war effort. Numerous propaganda posters were published in magazines and newspapers to influence women to invest in war bonds in order to help support soldiers at war. An ad published in a magazine by the Hoffmann- La Roche, Inc. in 1943 stressed the importance of why it was essential for women to join the workforce. The ad represented that it is also a woman’s responsibility to work, earn money and then use a percentage of that money to invest in war bonds to help support the war and its soldiers. By incorporating effective uses of pathos and layout, the ad influences its target viewers by manipulating them into patriotic emotions through images and facts.
On December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor was suddenly attacked by the naval and air forces of Japan which forced America to join the Second World War. Many Americans enlisted into the army, however, many civilians were left behind looking for a way to afford a war. Uncle Sam provided all the answers in the form of propaganda. Women were used in many war bond propaganda during World War II to encourage civilians on the home front to invest in more war bonds. The ad sponsored by the Hoffmann- La Roche, Inc. portrays a woman working in a war plant using dangerously sharp objects to prove that even women are capable of working under harsh conditions just like men. The ad encourages women to start working in the workforce by making them feel a part of the war effort and proving how investing in war bonds can be beneficial not only to the war but also oneself.
There is a lot of copy on this advertisement which help to reach its intended audiences effectively. The heading of the ad serves to give audiences background information on the woman working in the image. The heading consists of the phrases “Her father in a Formosa prison camp…”, “She leaves 4 children at home…while she works 8 hours a day.” Below these four phrases is an image, also consisting text, of the woman working in a war plant. The text in the image states that even though she has lost her husband and her father to war, she still works in a war plant to provide for her family and the war. Below the image, is more text which tries to persuade viewers to invest in war bonds by stating that not only does it support the war, but also insures the...

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