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Vital Strategic Management Processes Essay

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strategic leader can utilize decision-making teams as a powerful asset in successfully coping with the environment. Such teams improve their decision making by using a process of consensus, a process useful when developing national security strategy, military strategy, or strategic planning in other public or private sectors. Knowing how to forge consensus for policy development and implementation is critical to successful management and leadership. Being able to manage strategic consensus has been identified as one of the effective methods for the execution of strategy. Within an organization one of the fundamental priorities consists of understanding commitment (Floyd and Woolridge, 1992), as this is often reflected in important decisions which are ultimately made by project managers.
Change management within an organization is a tool which is used for transitioning teams and organizations to an anticipated future state. It is defined as being a change which requires people throughout an organization to learn to skills (Rouse, Margaret 2009). The idea of organizational change is a structured approach for an organization to ensure that the changes made are successfully and effectively implemented in order to achieve desirable and long lasting benefits. Within the business environment, there is increased demand for change and companies are rapidly facing change like never before due to globalization and advances in technology.
The main purpose of this coursework is to discuss two key areas identified as important strategic management processes within the strategic environment. Two areas which have been explored in depth include decision making and managing change. In terms of decision making the assignment has discussed the consensus decision making process, on the basis that the organization which use this decision making process are likely to do better and experience better acceptance for their strategic plans and objectives, which ultimately results in better organizational performance. Within change management the processes and how they are strategically managed is discussed, with importance given to understanding that businesses who manage organizational changes strategically are a lot more successful in achieving their ultimate goals than when change in managed less strategically.
There are numerous project deliverables which are going to be addressed within this assignment, looking into successful methods of planning and researching tools used within organisations. As well as discussing the benefits of these methods used and how it helps business work successfully within project tasks. It is important to address the importance of a strategic business environment, and how the use of effective consensus plays a part in achieving organisational goals. In terms of managing change, implementation and importance has been explored in depth by focusing more on evaluating companies who are able to communicate their strategy,...

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