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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very important vitamin to the body. Vitamin C promotes healthy teeth and gums, helps absorption of iron, aids in maintenance of normal connective tissue, promotes wound healing, and helps boost the immune system. With vitamin C being such a useful substance to our bodies, finding good sources of vitamin C is important. Many people today rely on vitamin supplement tablets. But fruit juices, vitamin-supplemented drinks, or vitamin supplemented foods may contain just as much vitamin C as a supplement tablet. Which one is better though, commercially sold drinks or fresh fruit juices? This was the research question: Are commercially sold and popularly consumed juices (in Japan) a good substitute fro fresh fruits in terms of dietary vitamin C? What this experiment sought to find out was exactly what kind of drink was better in terms of dietary vitamin C. The juices were titrated into a set amount of DCPIP and measuring how many millilitres it took for the DCPIP to turn from blue to clear.The hypothesis was that fresh fruit juices should contain more vitamin C since they had not been heat treated and probably had spent less time on a shelf or being transported than commercially sod drinks. This is important since vitamin C is heat labile. This means that vitamin C is susceptible to change and unstable or that the vitamin C can break down easily if exposed to high temperatures or is kept for a long time on a shelf. The experiment and results showed that vitamin C is more abundant in fresh fruit juices. This was true for all the juices tested except for lemon. Therefore, it is safe to say that fresh fruit juices tend to contain more vitamin C than commercially bought juices. Introduction The body needs a good balance of foods, which must contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with mineral salts, water, fibre, and vitamins. All of these are required in different amounts according to different people. However, there are recommended daily allowances. For example, the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 60mg. Vitamins are easily absorbed into the bloodstream from the gut. A diet lacking in any particular vitamin will lead to a deficiency disease. Such diseases are rickets that is caused by lack of vitamin D, and night blindness that is caused by lack of vitamin A. However, these can be remedied by using vitamin supplements if the dietary intake is inadequate.The aim of the experiment was to see the difference of vitamin C content between fresh fruit juices and commercially sold and popularly consumed juices (in Japan) a good substitute for fresh fruits in terms of dietary vitamin C? This research question was established because in the modern day and age people are too busy, especially in winter, to stock up on fresh fruit and many people rely on commercially sold drinks as a source of vitamins. However, vitamin C, in particular, is known to be labile and therefore likely to be absent from a cooked food diet....

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1605 words - 6 pages become soft and spongy and teeth are easily lost-skin can become pale as there is less blood circulation (pallor)-mucous membranes, such as the eyes, nose etc, can bleed.-gums can start to bleed-healed wounds can reopen as the amount of collagen decreases-previous bone fractures can reopen-eyes can become more sunken- Scorbutic tongueCause:The disease is caused by a lack of vitamin C in the body. By there being less Vitamin C collagen production can

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