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Vitiligo, Or Famously Known As The Michael Jackson Disease

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The skin condition Vitiligo also known as leucoderma is where white patches develop on the skin. Any location at all on the body can be affected by vitiligo; most people with this skin condition have white patches on many areas of their body. Anyone can get it but darker skin tends to contract this more. Do not be alarmed though there is help and support in many different ways, stay tuned for more.

Vitiligo, or famously known as the Michael Jackson disease
Skin conditions can be quite frustrating, especially if they won’t go away or grow to more surface of the skin. My subject vitiligo is one of them more commonly hits darker skin then light but either or can still be struck with ...view middle of the document...

Corticosteroids may help return color to your skin , particularly if the medication is started in the beginning of the disease, the best treatment I
found blasted all over the internet was this “XTRAC” a laser that helps diminish spots by 75% that is quite a bit. (C.N)

Environment of contracting this would play no part from my research but genetics can definitely play a role of getting this, family tree of having vitiligo your chances go up. Fatalness and leucoderma do not collide; I like this very big positivity part of having this skin condition you will not die from it. History on our topic vitiligo was first used founded by Celsus (a Roman Physician) in second century A.D. The earliest information of vitiligo is found in "Trikh-e-tibbe-iran" during the period of Aushooryan (2200 BC). What a past often leukoderma got confused a ton with leprosy but we are finally over that little misconception. Support groups that are directly for this condition are,...

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