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Vladek’s Money: Money Helped Vladek Survive The Germans During The Holocaust.

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Wealth and ingenious can decide one's destiny during the Holocaust. In the Holocaust, money plays a crucial role in helping Jews survive the Holocaust. When the Germans raid the ghetto, were Vladek and his family were in hiding. Vladek pays for materials to help make bunkers for him and his family. Also, Vladek pays others to stay at their houses after they escaped the ghetto. Without these bunkers Vladek and his family would likely be found by the Germans and taken to a concentration camp. Money was extremely helpful to the Jews. It is used to buy food and other various items to help survive the Holocaust. Money decides the fate of Vladek’s future in the Holocaust, such as he buys work permits from German overseers, he uses his valuables to buy food for his family, Vladek uses his money to acquire a bunker for him and his family to hide him.
Money was crucial to surviving the Holocaust. Vladek used money to pay for a hiding place for his family. Vladek’s bunker serves as a crucial hiding spot when the Germans raid the ghetto. Vladek arranged for his family to hide in the bunker when the Germans were raiding the ghetto during the Holocaust. Artie was discussing the bunker to his father-in law, “I arranged for us a very good hiding spot” (Spiegelman, 110). Vladek used money to buy hiding places. Vladek suggests that the bunkers be in places that are not too obvious too be spotted in. False walls in sheds or in the back of the house. Also, bunkers in the attic with a false wall, or in the cellar hiding behind a false wall. When the gestapo raided the ghetto Vladek and his family goes to hide in the bunker. Vladek has a new bunker arranged every time his family is moved. Without the bunkers he and his family would be sent to the concentration camps. Without these bunker’s Vladek is very likely to be split up from his family. Having bunkers is not uncommon during the Holocaust. Jewish family’s did not want to be split up so they hid in bunkers hid near their house in the ghetto. Money was a necessity to to surviving the Holocaust, and to buy fake work permits.
Money is very advantageous, for bribing the Germans. Having a work permit was very helpful to surviving the raids of the Germans. Vladek uses money to purchase fake work permits. The Germans raided the working place to look for Jews not having a valid work permit. Vladek uses money to buy him and Anja fake work permits to escape the German raids. Father-in Laws friend said, “Since we make things for Germany we can get you a priority work card” (Spiegelman, 78) to Vladek’s father-in Law and to Vladek. Vladek uses his money and valuables to buy fake work permits. Work...

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