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Vocabulary Enrichment In Compostition Essay

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VOCABULARY ENRICHMENT IN COMPOSITIONIntroductionResearch has indicated that knowing words and language usage are basic to success in school and in society (Petty, Harold, & Stoll, 1968). Word empowerment enable individuals to speak, read, and write with confidence and effectiveness. Due to this empowerment, theorists and practioners have long studied the effect of vocabulary on literacy development.However, the majority of studies, have focused on the effect of vocabulary instruction on reading. Few studies have concentrated on the effect of vocabulary instruction on composition.Relationship Between Reading And WritingTraditionally, the relationship between reading and writing has centered on contrasting the two skills. Reading was said to be a receptive process, while writing was defined as a expressive process (Hennings, 1982; Petty & Jensen 1980). Later, though, researchers began to study the congitive processes underlying the acts of reading comprehension and composing (Kucer, 1985). These newer studies have discovered the connectedness of reading and writing as communicative skills.Such theorists suggest that reading, like writing, involve composing (Petrosky, 1982), and that both reading and writing involve transactions between reader and text (Rosenblatt, 1982). Further, the writing process included reading (Graves & Hansen, 1983).Vocabulary Instruction In ReadingIn other studies, vocabulary knowledge was highly correlated with reading comprehension and also had a strong logical relationship with decoding. (Spiegel, 1991). Pre-reading vocabulary instruction improved students' comprehension of their texts and helped them retain the concepts that were taught. (Stahl,Kapinus, 1991). Research as well as intuition indicated that vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension were related. (Flood, 1992).Studies by the following indicated that reading comprehension did improve after direct vocabulary instruction: Beck, McCaslin, & McKeown (1980); Draper & Moeller (1971); Kameenui, Carnine, & Freschi (1982); Konopak (1988); and, Stahl & Fairbanks (1986).Vocabulary Instruction In WritingThe few studies by theorists on the effects of vocabulary instruction prior to composition include Thibodeau (1963) who researched the effect of instruction in elaborate thinking and vocabulary embellishment in grade six composition. In the end, the experiment group had results that were significantly higher than the control group on measures of writing ability, elaborate thinking, and vocabulary knowledge.Wolfe (1975) investigated the effect of teaching a reading vocabulary on the vocabulary freshmen students used in their writing. After treatment, there was no increased use of the taught words in their writing or the increased complexity of the overall vocabulary in their writing.In another study, Duin & Graves (1986) investigated intensive vocabulary instruction of students' use of taught words on writing and quality of writing....

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