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I was privileged to attend a concert that was sponsored by our local young musicians group with my family. It was held in the auditorium of one of the middle schools here, and the venue was completely full. My family and I completely enjoyed our Vocal Point concert. Vocal Point is an all-male, a cappella ensemble. There are nine members of the group who go through a rigorous audition process to become part of the group. They are all students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and made a great showing on the NBC TV series, The Sing Off, where they placed in the top five. We enjoyed their music so much that we bought two of their CDs and we have fun listening to them in the car. ...view middle of the document...

All of the music, including the instruments, comes from the voices of these young men. There are no instrumental tracks in the background, no band in the wings, no orchestra in the pit, etc. They do not need instruments because they have mastered the difficult technique of making instrument sounds themselves.
Particularly impressive was the way that this group could move from one song to another. They did have a pitch pipe that was used to get them started on the right note. Otherwise, they had nothing to help them, other than each other. They took their cues from what others were singing or doing. Also impressive was the way that the not only sang, but they also danced with an energy that would be difficult to match. We were told that many of the group members actually do most of the arrangements for the music, and this is a lot more difficult than one would think.
The singers did have microphone packs that they wore. Ironically, however, they were so dynamic that they probably would not have needed those mic packs. They could project their voices incredibly. They were also dynamic in their movements. Their dance moves, and their facial expressions were huge, they were also very in sync with one another. Even the most seemingly random moves were perfectly choreographed. The men seemed to have a feel for where the rest of the group was, and what they were doing.
My wife and children had watched this group on The Sing Off. My wife and my girls are huge fans, so they were drawn to this group. I watched some of the YouTube clips of their songs from the TV show, and the judges were always very impressed with these young men. When we heard they were coming to our town, we really wanted to go see them in person. We were certainly not disappointed. I was a bit sad at the end of the concert, because it was so much fun,...

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