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I am required to write a report on an industry sector within my vocational area relating to my course of study. This report will be worth 20% towards my final result of my work experience. I will be choosing to write about Computer Network Security for my vocational report.
In my report I will be giving a description of the industry sector (Computer Network Security) and will name the range of occupations associated with it. Also I will be giving details of the qualifications and the experience needed for work associated with the occupation discussed in this report and will I be exploring the employment and career opportunities that in this vocational area. I will be including ...view middle of the document...

Employment opportunities within this sector are excellent. 3 Current predictions about the future of the network security industry in Ireland are excellent and it is expected that students who enter third level colleges this year are likely to find there are more professional network security jobs available when they graduate than there are network security graduates to fill them.
Typical employers in the network security field include:
• Companies running enterprise computer networks;
• The payment card industry;
• Companies involved in e-commerce;
• Financial services companies;
• Academic institutions;
• Government departments;
• Internet service providers.

4. There are few positions in Networking. The basic job titles one sees for computer networking and networking-related positions include:
• Network Administrator
• Network (Systems) Engineer
• Network (Service) Technician
• Network Programmer/Analyst
• Network/Information Systems Manager
Network administrators and managers in particular have grown fond of networking-based certifications like Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNA. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when pursuing a course in order to attain a particular position in a company or as a self-employed person in this growing industry.

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To become a Network Security administrator there are many routes towards this job. 4. Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) with CMIT – this is a Distance Learning course. When you successfully pass this programme you will receive a Diploma in Networking from CMIT and there is an optional exam at the end if you wish to receive Cisco certification.
4. Kilroys College runs a Network+ - IT Skills Preparation course for the CompTIA A+ certification. This is also a Distance Learning course. Microsoft and Intel, two leading companies have identified Network+ as a perfect entry point into a networking career.
4. Hi-Tech Training offer a Computer Networking part-time/evening course. This practically based City & Guilds Computer Networking course is designed to enable participants to install, configure and test a small computer network. This Computer Networking course can be used as one of the 4 units required to achieve the City & Guilds IVQ Diploma in IT Systems Support.
There are certain colleges that are running courses for this sector such as Blanchardstown Institute of Technology Dublin (degree), Letterkenny Institute of Technology (masters) and University College Dublin (masters) to name a few.

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5. The company that I will be profiling is called “Computer Troubleshooters”. They are based in Ardee, Co. Louth, Tullamore, Co. Offaly and are based in Galway as well. Computer Troubleshooters claim to be the largest international network of franchise owners that provide onsite computer services to small businesses. Computer Troubleshooters opened its doors in 1999. They have now more than 475 franchises in the world and Computer...

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