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Sara R. FletcherID# 190513DMA210/1Topic: "Voice over Internet Protocol"10-11-03What is Voice over Internet Protocol and how dose it work? It's a technology for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over the Internet using packet-linked routes. Also called IP telephony. In English it means it's a system from transmitting telephone calls over data networks, such as the ones that make up the Internet. For example instead of using the telephone you use the internet to communicate with people. Special gateways are installed at both the sending and receiving end of the communications channel. It converts the voice to IP packets and back again to voice. This only takes less then 100 milliseconds to obtain the quality of service that people are use to from the public switched telephone network.VoIP technology is growing in acceptance, and it seems inevitable that the cheaper, more efficient technology will play an important role in the world's telephone communication. But it can also mean immediate cost saving and improvement in efficiency for businesses that chose to implement it now. It really works for companies and organizations around the world because it reduces the rising communication costs. See when voice and data networks are combined it offers an opportunity for significant reduction in communication costs. Accordingly, the challenge of integrating voice and data networks is becoming a rising priority for network managers. Since data traffic is growing much faster than telephone traffic, a need has been identified to transport voice over data networks, as opposed to the transmission of data over voice networks. This brought about the rise for Voice over IP. VoIP has become especially attractive given the low-cost, flat rate pricing of the public Internet.There are some many advantages assigned for Voice over Internet Protocol. They are as far reaching as they are controversial. Some of the advantages to the business person included: Cost reduction, simplification, consolidation, advanced applications, backward compatibility, new revenue streams, and more efficient infrastructures. Here are some to prove that it is cheaper then the regular telephone: it's use can result in huge saving on the amount of physical and resources required to communicate by voice over long distances. It doses this by working around circuit switching architecture, one of the fundamental drawbacks of traditional telephone networks. See the cost reduction is a big thing for businesses because they spend enough money all ready. VoIP is cheaper or free long distance calling. This will be extremely beneficial to those companies with international markets. It will be more cost effective for a business to maintain one network than two separate ones. Simplification an integrated infrastructure that supports all forms of communication allows more standardization and reduces the total equipment complement. The economies of putting all forms of traffic over an IP based network...

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