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Vollleyball: How To Play The Game

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THE GAME OF VOLLEYBALLVolleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, exceeded only bysoccer. It was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895 at a YMCA in Holyoke for middleaged men who needed something less strenuous than basketball. The sport has changedmuch over the years and Mr. Morgan would probably not recognize the game today.The sport involves two teams separated by a net who contact a volleyball amaximum of three times before it crosses the net to the other team. If the ball hits thefloor on the other side of court in bounds or the opponents cannot return the ball, theserving team gets a point.The first team to score 15 points wins the game. The winning team must win bytwo points. Play continues until one team has a two-point advantage. The team to win two games in a match wins the match. A third game will not be played unless it is necessary to determine the winner of a match. Rally scoring will be used in the third game of the match.Player Positions-The position of players in order of the serve shall be Right Back, Right Front, Center Front, Left Front, Left Back and Center Back. At the moment of serve all players except the server will be in the teams playing area. also all players shall be in correct serving order. Each right side player shall have at least one foot touching the floor closer to the right sideline than both feet of the center player in the corresponding row. Each left side player shall have at least one foot touching the floor closer to the left sideline than both feet of the center player in the corresponding row. Each front-row player shall have at least part of one foot touching the floor closer to the center line than both feet of the corresponding back row player. After the ball is contacted for the serve, players may move from their positions.Out of Bounds-A ball is out of bounds and becomes dead when it Touches a wall, objects mounted flush with a wall, Touches the floor completely outside the courts boundary lines. (If it hits the line it is in bounds, Touches the net antennas or cables or does not pass over the net between the antennas. a ball is also out of bounds when it, Touches a nonplayer who is not interfering,Touches the ceiling or overhead obstructions beyond the vertical plane of the net,Touches or enters a non-playable area, or Touches a backboard.The Serve-A serve is contact with the ball to initiate play. The server shall hit the ball with one hand, fist or arm while the ball is held, or after it is released by the server. The ball shall be contacted five seconds after the referees signal to serve. A server shall serve from the serving area and shall not touch the end line or the floor outside the lines marking the width of the serving area at the instant the ball is contacted for the serve.Contacting the Ball -1. A contact is any touch of the ball by a player (excluding the players loose hair)2. A hit is contact/touch of the ball which is counted as one the teams...

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