Voluntary Euthanasia Should Be Made Legal Throughout The Whole Of Australia

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· Voluntary euthanasia: A physician (or other person) intentionally killing a person by the administration of drugs, at that person’s voluntary and competent request. Due to extreme pain or suffering euthanasia translated from greek is “good death”

· Making this legal throughout Australia would remove any wrongful convictions from people who have requested for voluntary euthanasia, it is evident there is a blurred line in the court systems with this, as many of the convicted have been sent to prison for manslaughter but later removed and let free due to evidence supporting the voluntary euthanasia, further sparking the debate of decriminalizing voluntary euthanasia.

· If we were going through unbearable pain and suffering that modern medication was not able to assist with, would it not be more humane to allow US a choice of a voluntary death ? Why should our own quality of life be determined by a law. This then allows patients to die on their own terms and with dignity

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