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Mission Statement, Goals and Purpose
Mission Statement
The organization’s mission is to create a secure home for foster children. It aims at ensuring that kids live in a nurturing environment.
The goal of “A Kid’s Place” is to formulate, carry out and monitor programs that improve residential nurturing for foster kids.
The purpose of “A Kid’s Place” is to give residential facilities to youngsters that the social service moves away from their homes for the reason that their parents have abused or neglected them. These children range between zero and seventeen years old. The services being provided in the residential homes should improve the social, learning and psychological ...view middle of the document...

Susan developed plans and policies for fundraising events in the organization. Part of her job description involved creating budgets, and ensuring that the organization follows them during the financial year. She also reached out to the community for volunteers. A poster in the school notice-board is what attracted Shelby and me to the organization. Other duties included writing grant proposals, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, managing large donations, supervising and hiring staff, and attending community events to represent the agency. At the end of the interview, Mrs. Stagon gave me her business card and told me that I could reach her on the number on the card if I had more questions about the agency. She also told me that she did not run the organization independently. Her activities were also monitored by a board of directors, a board of advisors and ex-officio members. This ensured that there was transparency at “A Kid’s Place”.
Sources of Funding
According to Susan, “A Kid’s Place’s” mains sources of funds included private gifts and donations, government grants and in-kind materials or labor services. She told me that private gifts and donations made up the biggest percentage of the agency's funds. The gifts and donations came from individuals, churches, civic organizations, clubs and business corporations. The good thing about donations is that they gave the agency a significant tax relief. Susan told me that for the reason that fundraising is expensive, a program director has to choose the most efficient method. The donations were legal and followed the approved channels. Openness was an important quality when dealing with this source of funding. Susan told me that some of the agency’s donors include The Corbett Family Charitable Foundation, Dottie Berger MacKinnon and Sandy MacKinnon, Wacky World Studios and Joswig Construction. She also said donations by individuals are as little as one dollar.
Government grants make up another portion of “A Kid’s Place’s” funding. I discovered that grants are monies given by the state government subject to some conditions. The agency has to meet certain conditions to qualify for the grant. I found out that, at “A Kid’s Place”, the organization had to come up with three dollars to receive one dollar from the state government. Other factors that ensured the agency qualified for these funds included making regular fiscal reports, achieving set targets, and returning unspent funds to the state treasury. The main advantage of grants is that they are tax exempt and not repayable.
In-kind materials and indirect labor are also important sources of funding for the organization. According to the program director, this form of funding involves providing non-monetary assistance to the agency. In-kind materials are those items that are necessary to run the agency's facilities. I came to know that such items include cleaning supplies, shampoos, hair care items, hand soap, Sippy cups, baby...

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