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Volunteering Essay

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Volunteering is important for numerous reasons, which can benefit both the community and the volunteer themselves. It is essential for everyone to have experience in, in his or her life. Doing community service makes a tremendous difference in which it shapes a community for the better. Sometimes volunteering isn’t all about making the community better, it can also help gain one’s knowledge in a certain area. In one of my spring 2014 classes, I had to do community service when the class finishes for the semester. After my spring break of 2014, I volunteered at an afterschool place, Delight in Study. I taught kids, coworkers, friends, and even my manager in using different software from Microsoft Office. There were also a couple of times where I work at a public library near my house. I was helping kids with Word and PowerPoint.
My thinking about the people I worked with in the community has changed over time. At the start of my ...view middle of the document...

Luckily, the majority of these kids got excited about learning and couldn’t wait until I teach them again.
These experiences affected my thinking on community service. From this opportunity, I enjoyed doing volunteering. Doing service projects is an amazing way to get involved with the community and helping others learn about new things. It was motivating because it made me feel like a better person for helping young, future generations, improve their skills in Microsoft. Although, there are a lot more they need to know about, I truly believe that I taught them the basics fundamental things they need to learn and that they will be able to pick up more skills as they grow older.
Volunteering fits into the category of becoming a better person and it also fits into my personality. I love helping people when they need help. Helping others puts a smile on their face, which also puts a smile on my face seeing they contented. As I continue to get older, I now know that helping others really makes you feel better about yourself. People who volunteer in the community have influenced me, because many times it is people in my family, friends, or acquaintances. These influences and thoughts have changed because I know that when I volunteer I am only doing beneficial things for others, and it reminds me that I should not be so selfish sometimes. Volunteering only betters a person. I know from other experiences that volunteers definitely make a difference in people’s lives.
Overall, I feel that volunteering only enhances yourself and it helps others. It is a great opportunity to support a community as well as meet new people, and to help others. I believe that everyone should volunteer in something that they are passionate about. I am glad I got the chance to volunteer, because I feel better about myself knowing that I helped others, and I look forward to many more opportunities. Like what others say, “What goes around, comes around,” if you are putting good deeds out there, eventually someone or something will do good deeds in return. With all that said, this volunteering opportunity has affected me and changed many thoughts of mine as I helped the community.

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