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Volunteering Tourism Essay

2552 words - 10 pages

Assignment Title:
Executive summary
Volunteer tourism has been developed rapidly abroad and aroused widespread concern as a n
ewly emerging tourism activity. Currently, though volunteer tourism activity begans to develop at
home, there still remains blank in the theory. The paper clears up and induces lots of foreign liter
atures after reading them, analyses four aspects of volunteer tourism deeply as follows: the con
cept and connotation of volunteer tourism, behavior characteristics of volunteer tourists, impact
s of volunteer tourism and volunteer tourism organizations, hopes to promote the theoretical de
velopment of domestic volunteer tourism.
Table of Content
1.0 Introduction
Public welfare tourism is an emerging form of tourism the foreign public welfare tourism is
constantly developing. Currently, experts and scholars in many regions of the world are
beginning to dabble in this area. The public welfare Tourism is a local community can have a
direct economic value and social benefits, and tourists have long-term positive impact forms of
tourism, the public welfare tourism is a responsible forms of tourism on the local social and
natural environment. All social life is the reaction of the mainstream era, the tourism industry is
no exception (Lewis & Burton, 2002). Tourism development will slowly form by mass tourism
personalized forms of tourism, unsustainable tourism to sustainable tourism, travel from
sightseeing to experience-based tourism, from egoism travel thinking to natural and altruistic
travel ideas, from the tourism development process, public tours must be a high-end form of
tourism development. We would conduct both literature review using relevant theoretical
concepts to analyze such new industry and develop a comprehensive IMC plan for the
establishment and future growth of our company in such industry.
2.0 Literature Review
The volunteering tourism organizations are initially designed and committed to attracting local

residents as volunteers to help the rural tourism development in remote areas of specific region.
English words with similar meaning of the term public travel "volunteer vocation", "altruistic
tourism", "reconciliation tourism", "volunteer travel" (Peggy &Lyndi, 2001).
Global academic research on public welfare tourism in its infancy, can be found in the literature
within the earliest clear definition of the concept of public service travel scholar Wheeler, Kevin
& Burnard (1998), the concept of which is foreign scholars in recent years widely cited tourists
for a variety of reasons, for volunteer activities in an organized way to vacation, which includes
assistance and reduce the material poverty of certain groups in the society, certain
environmental recovery, social or environmental issues. Public service travel sees the
emphasis on sustainability, accountability and educational substitutability as a form of
eco-tourism (Oman & Carl, 1999; Gerard, 1985). Janosk, Marc and John (1998)...

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