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Volvo By John Murphy Essay

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Village Volvo “ New kid in town”Introduction:In today's market place the consumer has loads of choices as to where to have their vehicle repaired. Taking this into account, village Volvo operations strategy is designed to create sustainable competitive advantages by providing unique and value added services and un-compromised service standards, to Volvo car owners, where on-the-go convenience, reliability, using state of the art strategies for the customers is a pivotal consideration by two former combined 22 experienced authorized Volvo dealers. Fig-1 the model of Service Profit Chain adopted by village Volvo owner’sSource: Heskett, Sasser, and Schlesinger, The Service Profit Chain, 1987, p.19Operations strategy:Operations strategy is top-down activity and a pattern of consistent decisions that has been noted in Village Volvo for achieving convincing competitive objectives that may include constant interaction with customer, growth, stability and long-term returns. Village Volvo Car Care Center is dedicated to consistently providing the best in customerservice and delivering the highest quality automotive repairs while always being responsive to the customers' needs and finally, strives to be an energetic, profitable, and dynamic company that will move into twenty first century as the leader in total automotive repair. Fig-2 shows the village Volvo’s operations strategyInternet Source: Nature of Services, (2006), ‘Open Systems View of Services Operations’ Viewed at 01-01-2006, available at Operations Strategy is the total pattern of decisions and actions which set a role, objectives and activities of the operation so that they contribute and support the village Volvo’ business strategy. (Slack and Chambers, Harland and Harrison, and Johnston, 1998). With skilled manpower such as GM/AC Delco Service Specialists, ASE certified technicians PPG Paint products and certified worker, AAA Approved Auto Repair, AAA Emergency service, Old fashioned service with the technology of today, Informative, Courteous, and Neighborly Staff and effectively designed operations strategy like for example express drive through bay where in particular time customer’s in rush hours may come and check their cars for routine tune-ups and oil change, this high level of flexibility at village Volvo stands a swift response among workers to customers, however for extensive checkups, worker along with customer will take a short span of test drive is to understand both mechanic and owner, the main area of attention and recognizing the flaw in the car. Attaining the preliminary diagnosis, while discussing with the customer before repair has been done, service manager will assess the projected cost which customer would incur, given customer estimated cost by service manager before any repair of vehicle, customer can be able to reflect their own finance(s), including customer will feel by no means cheated at any point because he /she can...

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