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Voss: Bottled Water That Dared To Be Different

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Voss Water

Semester 2 exam

Marketing BSc Honours N500
Nina Paul


“Dare to be different” (Sandberg, 2012)
1.0 introduction 2
2.0 PESTLE 3
3.0 SWOT 5
4.0 Competitive analysis 7
5.0 Sources 8

1.0 introduction

Voss is a Norwegian brand of bottled water from the town Voss in Hordaland. The water is marketed in over 50 countries with a main focus on the USA. Voss received its “big break” from a manager at the high-end hotel of the Four Seasons hotel in New York, which led to a desire from other exclusive chains wanting to sell Voss in their establishments.


- Violates with Kenyan law Economic
- Voss 62 kr,- per liter
- Trends
- Facebook, Twitter
- Health awareness(especially in the US) Technological
- Voss Water Bars.
(Water jet technology)
- «Artesian» water
- Violates with Kenyan law Environmental
- Transportation(CO2 emissions)
- Bottled water harms the environment
- Accounting products lifecycles
- Recycle

After much research, there is no doubt that trend is a consistent factor that drives Voss water ahead. Due to this, the essay will focus on the social and environmentally part of Pestle analysis and how legal factors are interfering with the quality and credibility of the brand.

Voss has two macro segments, each with its audience. To define the target groups in more detail, it is important to ask these three questions: what, who and how. In the first segment, the answer is: image, individuals and mineral water, and in the second segment: image, companies and mineral water (Neves, 2013). For the overall marketing of VOSS water, image seems to be the main drive for the company.
Voss water was first sold to high-end establishments in order to emphasise the quality and luxury of the water. USA Today reported that in a Hotel check-in reader poll with 1, 009 customers, 36% hoped to find VOSS water in their hotel (Zinderman, 2011). When Voss is defined as a luxury good, it becomes a treat for those who like to travel and feel pampered. Having Voss in hotels will improve the image of the hotel as well as for the brand.

The media has a significant influence when it comes to trends. When celebrities were first spotted with Voss water, the affect was tremendous. The demand for this amazing bottled water increased, and it became a good that in some ways were hard to get. As the company launched a limited edition, people felt intrigued to get a taste of the water. When walking around with a bottle of Voss water, people will believe that you are wealthy. According to (2012), “Dare to be different” is the mantra that Christian Sandberg uses in his the decision making process. It seems like Sandberg is trying to make people feel unique by drinking Voss.

Along with the great impact of celebrities, media and trends Twitter and Facebook is a significant part of...

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