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Voters' Guide Project Essay

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The service project in our CSU foundations class was to create a voters’ guide for the student body to inform students potential voters of their choices for the upcoming election. It is important that the opinions of students in our country are heard by our lawmakers. The purpose of our voters’ guide was to provide easily accessible, unbiased information to students about election candidates which would in turn encourage students to voice their opinions by exercising their right to vote.
When discussing this project at the beginning semester, I reflected on the things I learned in the American Government class I took during my senior year of high school. In this class we studied the election process and voting patterns. A recurring subject in the class was the low turnout for young voters in every election and why this was the case. It seems as if young people show a lack of interest in their government. Many young adults feel ill informed of what’s going on politically. Others feel as though their voice doesn’t count compared to hundereds, and in some cases, thousands, of other people that vote in elections. Therefore, I felt as if this project would make a difference on our campus; not only because we are making information on candidates more accessible, but because we targeted students in regard to their concerns.
Since the vast majority of CSU students reside in Clayton County, we focused on the Clayton County elections for this project. We discussed the differences between local and national elections before starting on the project. The obvious difference is that national elections are bigger than local elections, encompassing a whole country instead of a county or city. It’s also differs in the amount of popularity each one receives. A national election such as the presidential election is displayed almost everywhere on TV, the internet, and paper, because it must reach every voter in the country. Candidates for a presidential election spend millions of dollars publicizing their name and platform. This isn’t necessarily the case with local elections. There’s not as much funds for candidates who are running for a local office , therefore, not as much publicity. Because of this, the rate in which voters come out for local elections is significantly lower...

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