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Voting Age To Be Lowered To 16

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The legal voting age should be reduced to 16 instead of 18. We can work, we can join the army, we can even get married at the age of 16, but we can't vote at 16? We can leave school, we can move out of the family house and live on our own independently if we wanted to at the age of 16, but yet we are considered immature and not responsible enough to vote at 16, why?

Why is electing a political representative much more important than authorising a 16 year old to go fight and potentially die for their country.

The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 in 1969 during the Vietnam war, because it was only fair to those aged 18 - 20 dying for their country have a say in how the country is run. Therefore if 16 year olds are now capable of joining the army then surely it makes sense to also give them the opportunity to vote. Nothing can fully prepare you for joining the army at 16 – living on the edge of life, putting yourself and others at risk, and living in an extremely dangerous environment, not knowing whether you will survive or die within the next second. A majority of people who oppose of lowering the voting age believe that 16 year olds simply don’t have the life experience nor any knowledge as to what politics even is; this is not true. There are people who go into war that don’t have enough life experience or knowledge of everything, yet they are managing to face every challenge that is thrown at them.

Secondly, it is argued that by allowing 16 and 17 year olds to participate in the elections, would be meaningless because it is likely that they have been manipulated by the parents and brainwashed by false promises. Those who agree to this need to stop making false assumption; we are not a puppet or a 10 year old that is incapable of making a valuable decision on our own. Sixteen year olds do have the ability to vote in a mature sensible manner with reason and starting from a young age may become a good habit; continuing to vote throughout life. We are taught about living in a democracy, changing society, issues from an economical and political perspective at school, but eventually we will start to loose that interest we have now, by the time we wait to turn 18, our views on politics and intention to vote will probably change by then. If maturity is the issue, it important to take into account that 16 year olds are just as informed as 18 year olds (in some cases more so). In fact there could be many 20, 30, or even 40 year olds who are irresponsible, do not make informed decisions and are clueless; this does not mean we deny them...

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