Voting And Why Young People Should Engage In The Process

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With the presidential election arriving in November, I felt it necessary to recollect on the topic of young people voting and why it is important in the United States. Mass quantities from the younger generation might say “Who cares?“ “What could my one vote possibly do?” In reality, voting can greatly benefit the public if the people are given the right information about the candidates from all parties. It is crucial that young members of society be aware of all the moral values and party facts that represent the candidates.I would assume that many of the young population will refrain from voting this year. The truth is that they just really do not want to take the time needed to vote. I know this because I am one of them. Although there are plenty of individuals who choose not to vote, there are a lot that do choose to participate in the elections. Regardless of whether their parents make them vote or their own personal preference or beliefs, they help to make a major decision for the future of our country. Some kids just vote for whomever their parents vote for because they believe their parents know best but not everyone has the same beliefs. Your parents might have strong Republican beliefs and you might have strong Democratic beliefs, that making a big contrast in which candidate to choose.Everyone has a different views and opinions when it comes to politics and are very strong sided. Personally myself, I have not chosen Republican or Democratic, just because of the fact that I do not choose to pick my candidate by an overall universal label. I have just never really had a strong ambition towards one or the other. However, some people do choose to vote this way and sometimes totally overlook the facts. The factors that should be effecting your decision is who is really best for the job. Who is going to be able to best benefit our country and help us get out of all this chaos over seas? As for the war in Iraq, I do believe that it was better for us to take it there and fight, rather than for us to sit around and wait for them to do something that could have been worse then 9/11. On the other hand I can not really see where we are making any progress being over there except spending a lot of money and causing the prices of things over here to rise. Not to mention the amount of soldiers we have lost over there, and what have we gained? So far we have not accomplished anything.I believe this next election is going to be a very important one because it is going to play a major role in our future and how it lays out the next couple of years. That is why I think everyone should take time out of there busy schedule to look at the real hard facts and make a properly informed decision. The ones that decide to fall back and not be heard, can make a difference with just a little bit of time.With this said, there has been a lot of talk about how changing the voting age to 16 would help everyone start off at an early age, instilling...

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