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Voting Democracy Off The Island Essay

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“When you don’t know what your doing it’s best to do it quickly” and “I’ve decided to sacrifice my digital life to help give real life to millions of people affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India” are two quotes that come from very different people who live very different lives. One lives in the middle of nowhere out of the local spotlight and the other can’t seem to get out of the national spotlight. The first quote is said by Jase Robertson from the TV show Duck Dyansty and the second quote is said by Kim Kardashian from the show Keeping Up With The Kardashains. If anthropologists used reality TV shows to base their conclusions and studies on the past they would find out that we had a very chaotic and strange lifestyle.
According to Prose we live in a reality where everything is chaotic and the main goal in life is to win by eliminating the competition. Prose first starts her article by describing the reality TV show Average Joe where ordinary people are filmed doing “dangerous, challenging, or embarrassing situations in return for the promise of money, romance, or fame (287).” The chaotic show is about a woman name Melana who is trying to find love but what she does not realize is all of her potential suitors are unattractive males according to Prose. Prose thinks that she realizes that the only reason this TV show is being aired is because of money and she is playing a fool with a pretty face. She then goes into talking about Survivor where the whole point of the show is to be the last person standing. What Prose concludes is that “The most obvious lesson to be drawn from reality TV, the single philosophical pole around which everything revolves is, that the laws of natural selection are even more brutal (290).” Another clear message that would be sent to anthropologists is that we lived a very chaotic and strange lifestyle.
The TV show Duck Dyanasty is about an ordinary family that does some crazy things. Each character adds to the TV programs main theme which is work hard and play hard but sometimes things get out of hand. For example Uncle Si, who is Willy’s crazy uncle is always getting himself into trouble weather it is quitting his job or thinking that the ancient aztecs once lived and are still...

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