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Bad days are the worst and when one has to wait in a room for an extended period of time to be placed in another room to decide the verdict of someone’s life; bad results are bound to happen. One unfortunate trait of a bad day is heat from either a loud argument or an excruciating hot day in a crowded city. Rational judgment must be based solely on facts and unbiased discussion for justice to prevail in any matter. The time and setting of Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men” will be used to show how the conditions in the jury room correlate to the jurors’ attitudes but does not ultimately consequent to an irrational verdict.
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Though, the eighth juror shows no care and decides to hold on before destroying the boy’s life in less than five minutes. Then out of frustration, juror ten says, “Boy-oh-boy there’s always one… What are we sitting here for?” (11). The jurors who voted guilty seem to be split into two groups, those who want to leave and those who think the boy is actually guilty. Since everyone voted guilty except the eighth juror everyone was now looking at him in curiosity as to why he voted not guilty. The eighth juror simply said in his defense, “Well I guess we talk” (11). The undistracted eighth juror does not budge and persuades other’s to look through his perspective as he points out more facts. The eighth juror feels that more time than five minutes should be put into the decision of anyone’s life. If the eighth juror was just as susceptive to the heat as the other’s their time in the courthouse would be finished but he had more insight than that.
Things get even more heated as the room erupts in argument and soon more people vote not guilty as votes are retaken. The jurors who insist the boy is guilty demand extensive explanation and they get more agitated as their side dwindles down with eighth juror’s reasoning.
The eleventh juror who once voted guilty is now putting aside the uncomfortable situation as he considers the facts discussed as says in defense, “I don’t believe I have to be loyal to one side or the other. I am simply asking questions” (39). The excuse of the time and setting inside the jury room was earlier regarded as a reason to irrationally vote but the jurors are starting to realize that was a selfish mistake if the boy is actually innocent. The eighth juror feels the others are finally getting somewhere in the discussion and he realizes, for himself, that the boy must be innocent.
The conditions in the room are becoming less important to some jurors but the jurors who plead guilty resort to reminding everyone of the...

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